THE Human Resources Solution for Self-Employed Restaurant Catering & Delivery Professionals

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Delivery Drivers, Inc. services more than 2000 self-employed catering and delivery professionals across the United States, providing their services to corporate and residential customers of America's TOP Restaurants. Our program is specifically designed to support entrepreneurial individuals by providing specific and traditional HR functions:

• Administrative Services
• Weekly Accounting & Bookkeeping Records
• Quarterly & Year-End Tax Documents and Consultation
• Access to Group Insurance Plans
• Entrepreneurial Coaching & Assistance

DDI Values

Compliance: Legal compliance directs our ship. It determines the what that we do, the why and most importantly, the how. Whether you're an individual breaking into the entrepreneurial world of business ownership, or the owner/operator of a multi-million dollar corporation, DDI's fundamental objective is to help you do it right!
Be Proactive: Whether it be client needs, technology or the ever-changing dynamics of the legal and regulatory climate, DDI aspires to be a front runner in both service and innovation.
Provide Fantastic Service: We want every experience a client has with our organization to be both friendly and productive. Even when DDI is not the solution to your problem, its courteous team will help you find it!
Education and Development: For each of DDI's clients, partners and employees - our goal is to make EVERYONE better, including ourselves!