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Driving opportunities and the gig economy is BOOMING. All over the country ‘solopreneurs’ are taking control of their finances, getting behind the wheel, and driving as a source of income.


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Driving opportunities and the gig economy is BOOMING. All over the country ‘solopreneurs’ are taking control of their finances, getting behind the wheel, and driving as a source of income. Being a driver partner is not just a way to make money, or pay bills - the way that our world does business has changed drastically over the last few months. Driving opportunities are quickly becoming a movement.

You have probably thought about it at some point recently, which is why you are here. Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) connects businesses with independent contractor delivery drivers. These part-time or full-time drivers work with specific companies in industries that span restaurant delivery, courier delivery, grocery delivery and many more.

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Driving Opportunities Are Not Just Part-Time Anymore

Let’s face it. Expenses are not going away and between car payments, mortgage or rent, utility, food and everything else that comes with a lifestyle, nobody should rule out any option for an income stream. But what happens when an industry built around part-time drivers, becomes the primary source of income for many households? How can you, the individual, take control of your situation with unlimited earning potential?

There is an entire side of local, state, and federal legal compliance that comes along with full-time driver and part-time driver opportunities, and DDI is here to satisfy this requirement.

When you partner with DDI you receive our full menu of solutions to ensure that your delivery business can focus on growth, profitability and compliance, giving you the peace of mind that you need to arrive at your next delivery successfully.

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Whether your company is a courier, restaurant delivery service, or grocery delivery, our contractor management services are built for companies that do last mile deliveries. DDI offers HR and other business solutions to connect our clients with qualified independent contractor drivers.

Screening & Enrollment

Our secret sauce is our ability to get qualified drivers

Recruiting & Manpower Planning

We help you by handling the high-touch nature of recruitment

Accounting & Taxes

From the start of working with Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI)

Insurance & Risk Management

Protecting your business is never an easy feat

Compliance &  Regulatory

At your table to help deliveries press on without interruption.


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Our expertise and 25 years of experience in the rapidly growing gig economy means we have the know-how to help clients across all industries that independent contractors touch, including courier, medical, and grocery delivery.

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DDI services drivers in many different industries and sub-industries across North America. As the independent contractor delivery driver industry continues to grow, DDI will be there to ensure they have the benefits and support that they need.

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Top FAQs for Drivers and Companies

Companies are working with drivers as the gig economy is experiencing unprecedented growth. DDI is the HR and backend solution for these drivers.

FAQs for Companies

If you currently operate a delivery company with W2 or 1099/IC delivery drivers on payroll, DDI offers an alternative, which we believe offers a company a greater ability to compete in the market space. In partnering with DDI and restructuring your business to focus on marketing and technology, you will immediately gain the ability and freedom to focus on growing your business.

FAQs for Drivers

DDI will refer you to a Marketing Partner in your local geographic area. DDI will manage your weekly accounting, itemizing your income and expenses while administering weekly wire deposits into your bank account. DDI technology will manage the administrative duties of your business – the enrollments process, auto-insurance and drivers’ license renewals, motor vehicle reports, etc. Most importantly, our Entrepreneurial Academy will systematically educate you to the ins and outs of running your own business.