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Small Businesses

At Delivery Drivers, Inc. 54% of our client-partners are small business owners.  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S. These small businesses employ approximately 60.6 million workers. We are proud to partner with clients who, like DDI, strive to uplift their communities and empower individuals to be successful. Below are three savvy reasons to partner with small businesses.

Economically Smart

Firstly, with a small business developing, it has potential to become a big business. These businesses create jobs in their local communities and uplift their local economy. Depending on your partnership, you too can create jobs in their local market, increasing your business and helping a community thrive. 

Expanding Network

Secondly, by partnering with a small business they are looking to grow and expand their brand and customer base. This opportunity will benefit both partners by having access to new products, markets and expanding networks for outreach. Furthermore, your reputation from one business in a community could potentially gain additional business from others.  By building relationships you can increase your portfolio in a community.  

Unique Experience

Lastly, small businesses use customized business models that create a unique experience for their customers. Therefore, by partnering with a small business, it diversifies the products and services your business can offer. Subsequently, with your business having the knowledge and experience to create these unique models, you can build your portfolio by creating opportunities for your company to partner with other small businesses that seek a customized business model. 

DDI Provides Solutions for Business Owners Operating with Independent Contractors (Driver-Partners)

DDI provides innovative full-service Human Resources and Driver Management solutions with a proprietary platform that connects 1099 driver-partners with clients across all industries. With over 25 years of experience in last mile deliveries means we have the know-how to empower clients giving them the confidence of knowing they are utilizing the most effective measures available to manage their driver-partners. DDI has created an environment of advocacy, responsiveness, and efficient workflows for the driver-partner, while providing the client with full transparency and access to driver-partner information.

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