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Does your business use independent contractors? What are the best practices to retain those independent contractors? In the gig economy, retaining independent contractors is just as important to a business as employee retention.  Therefore, having a consistent, reliable, independent contractor workforce saves businesses time and money.  See our list of 4 tips for independent contractor retention below.

1. Communicate Regularly

Maintaining regular, proactive communication is crucial to retaining independent contractors.  Monthly newsletters are a great way to build regular communication between your business and independent contractors.  You can keep them updated on your business as well as the different resources your business has to offer.  Limited communication or in response to problems can make it nearly impossible to build and nurture a relationship between your business and theirs’s. Regular, proactive communication shows your 1099 workforce that you value their work and want to support them. 

2. Encourage Business Development

Independent contractors are entrepreneurs, just like you.  Therefore, encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in your independent contractors reinforces your commitment to them. It also encourages them to invest in themselves and their business. 

3. Offering Perks

Offering your independent contractor workforce perks is a great way to show you care. At DDI, we offer our independent contractor workforce discounts on services they use for their delivery businesses such as discounted tax services and automotive services.  We also have partnerships with multiple health care and alternative health care companies to offer independent contractors health care options.  It can be expensive running a business and offering your independent contractors discounts and services they otherwise might not get can greatly increase retention.

4. Partner with Delivery Drivers, Inc.

We want your business and independent contractors to be successful!  Therefore, we offer resources, perks, and programs to support independent contractors!  Above all, we can help your business AND independent contractor workforce maximize profits, minimize risk, and increase efficiency. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Don’t currently utilize an independent contractor workforce but are interested in making the switch? Contact us today!