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Post-Pandemic Delivery Trends

Are you curious how delivery trends during the pandemic will change post pandemic? Here are 5 Post-Pandemic Delivery Trends that will continue in the future.

Age is JUST a Number

It’s 2021 and EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is online…NOT just millennials and Gen Z.  Baby boomers have adapted to shopping online and using their smartphones in a way they probably never thought they would.  From a safety precaution of ordering food for delivery or having grocery bags dropped off at their front porch, it’s a win for the digital market.

Food, Clothes, and More

As we got cozy in our homes we became accustomed to having everything brought to us.  Everything from having food, groceries, clothes, gadgets, and white glove furniture delivery services have been a staple during the pandemic.  There’s something satisfying about ordering a couch online and having it delivered by people wearing white gloves that makes you feel like you’re the Queen of England.  Or when you aren’t feeling well and all you want is soup from your favorite restaurant – BOOM delivered to your doorstep.  Many of us got used to having things brought to us at the tap of a button that we won’t want to go back to “the old ways” of having to physically go out for our items.

At Home Fitness

Let’s face it, when lockdown happened and gyms closed, some of us gained weight.  We had to splurge on outdoor and/or at home gym equipment to stay in shape.  Having an expert deliver, set up and maintain equipment will rise in popularity as many people will be skeptical to use public gyms due to their sanitary efforts after COVID-19.  Plus, consumers can save money on gym memberships by using their own equipment and maintaining them.

Prescriptions via Mail

With tele-doctor appointments on the rise, so were the delivery of RX prescriptions.  People no longer wanted to stand in lines to fill prescriptions and risk being exposed to COVID-19.  Now they can stay in the comfort of their homes and have it delivered to their doorstep.  As healthcare providers became more comfortable with this method of delivery, so did the patients.

Car Delivery on a Tuesday

Why bother dealing with a Sales person, going from lot to lot and then spending all day filling out paperwork to buy a car.  Now you can do everything online from: viewing the ins and outs of the car, negotiate the price, have the car delivered and get to test drive it for a week before you have to make a decision.  All of that energy and stress of buying a car in person, gone.  Mind blown.

Because of COVID-19 the way consumers shopped, saw their doctors and more all changed.  In short, everything was digitized and delivered.  The gig economy was already seeing a spike in growth, but with COVID-19 it accelerated at warp speed and changed the way businesses operate and how people managed their day to day.  These post-pandemic delivery trends aren’t theoretical, they’re going to become a normal way of life. If your business is looking for a way to adapt to the preferred way consumers shop and to thrive in the future, contact Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) for more information.  DDI connects businesses with qualified independent contractors for last-mile deliveries while providing full-service Human Resources and Driver Management solutions.  Click here to learn more.