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DDI partners can focus on business growth while we manage their independent contractors.

We Are Delivery Drivers, Inc.

For over 25 years, Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) remains the leading third-party administrator that connects businesses with qualified independent contractors for last-mile deliveries.  We provide full-service Human Resources and Driver Management solutions from onboarding, accounting, and risk management services for independent contractors.  These full-service solutions can take the focus and financial toll away from a company’s main business. By partnering with DDI, we allow our clients to focus on business growth and development while we manage the independent contractors.

Proud Members Of Last Mile Delivery Associations

At DDI, we are proud members of several last mile delivery associations.  Through these associations, we are able to bring innovative solutions to various industries looking to expand with independent contractors.



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Tax Packages Sent for 2021


We have dedicated recruiting professionals sourcing candidates and onboarding qualified independent contractors for you. We offer customizable screening with integrated MVR, background check, and documentation. Our tailored workflows help to streamline driver enrollment.


DDI has no annual fees and no administrative onboarding fees. We offer flexible payment options and year-end tax document production including 1099s and annual worker P&L statements. Our API integration is available to automate driver settlement processing.


Comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to fit your business needs. Monitor and control impacts of unfortunate events. Proactive audits and client staff training to ensure compliance with regulations. DDI provides legal support and our legal team is the best in the industry.

Partner Benefits

Quarterly Business Review

Beyond our quality everyday work, we provide insights to your business to maximize your operations and prepare for growth.  Our account managers review and present business metrics on a quarterly basis to help you make informed decisions.

Save Time And Money

There is no need to hire an entire HR department, just DDI.  Our 25 years of experience and tailored solutions create efficiency and give you ease of mind.  We take care of the high-touch nature of human capital, giving you the bandwidth to focus on the big picture.

Knowledge Of The Gig Economy

By partnering with DDI, you can focus on business growth and development while we manage the independent contractors you partner with. We offer our clients recruiting and personnel planning services to connect your business with the most qualified independent contractors. With our innovative solutions and proprietary platform, DDI handles everything from onboarding, accounting and risk management. DDI’s dedicated team makes the independent contractor piece of your business run seamlessly.

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