Our accounting team has a high-touch approach.

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From the start of working with Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI), we’ll develop an accounting rhythm and cadence to help with cash flow and get driver-partners paid quickly and efficiently every week.  Our accounting team has a high-touch approach during setup to ensure driver-partners are paid accurately and on-time.  We actively outreach to our Clients & Driver-Partners notifying them of tax information, holiday payment schedules and more to ensure communication flow.

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DDI Accounting

1099 Payroll

DDI has 1099 payroll covered, including direct deposits. You choose when driver payments take place and drivers can easily manage their direct deposits through the driver portal. They can also select a variety of payment options and payment speed.

1099 Taxes

We take care of year-end tax work including sending out 1099s and earning statements to drivers. Additionally, our account managers are a dedicated resource for drivers during tax season.

Customer Service

Our team is available and ready to provide custom solutions to maximize your cash flow and make payments easy.

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