Gain An Advantage By Being Proactive

How DDI is proactive in the constantly changing regulatory climate

We operate our businesses in a heavily regulated environment. We are also living in perhaps the most litigious society the world has ever seen. Companies relying heavily, if not exclusively, on an independent contractor labor force must focus down the proverbial regulatory and legislative roads. Reacting to legislation, regulatory trends, and important civil decisions is a fool’s errand. To truly put one’s business and its relationship with independent contractors in the most defensible position possible, being proactive is a necessity.

At Delivery Drivers, Inc. we are constantly looking ahead – from proposed independent contractor bills at the federal level and in all 50 States, to current ongoing civil litigations. We work with two of the largest employment and labor law firms in the country, and even more specifically with their independent contractor specialists. We prioritize legal and regulatory trends in the 1099 space, scheduling weekly meeting times to report, discuss, and strategize. This allows us to ensure our clients have the latest, most current information available to them so they can make important operational decisions about their businesses.

DDI’s Contractor Entrepreneurial Program – a great value to the many contractors we service, is a direct result of our proactive approach to regulatory and legal compliance.

If you’d like learn more about how DDI can help your business improve its operational compliance and better its relationship with its independent contractors, please contact DDI today!