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Be Your Own Boss!

Working for yourself is the essence of the gig economy.  The gig economy encompasses independent contractors, freelancers, consultants, and self-employed professionals.  The gig economy includes various industries.  The defining feature of the gig economy is that it is completely controlled by the individual worker; you are your own boss.  As a result, the gig economy worker is responsible for everything from business planning to determining what defines success for their business.  For example. a recent article and webinar interviewed a panel of gig economy professionals who shared their insights into the gig economy.  Among these was the importance of creating a vision and defining success, consistency, time management, and multitasking.  

Defining Success

One of the benefits of being a gig worker is the opportunity to determine what success looks like for you.  Rather than being beholden to what’s beneficial for a particular company, you determine the metrics that define your success.  In addition to defining success, it’s important to create a vision for your business.  How much do you want to work? How much money do you want to make? What are your short term and long term goals?  These are just a few questions to ask yourself when considering the vision you have for your life and business. 

Consistency & Time Management

Working in the gig economy means setting your own schedule and then adhering to it without the structure provided by a traditional 9-5 job.  This can be a daunting task however creating your own schedule gives you the freedom to choose what times work best for your life.  Another important part of time management is the ability to prioritize your business.  As your own boss, you decide how important your work is to you and exactly how much effort you put into it.


In addition to time management, being your own boss requires you to wear many hats!  From time management, work-flow, scheduling, and more, you run every aspect of your business.  This can be overwhelming at first but partnering with Delivery Drivers, Inc. makes being your own boss a little easier.  We offer our expertise in areas like legal, compliance, and accounting to help you make the most of your busy schedule!

Ultimately, Delivery Drivers, Inc. strives to support and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in our driver-partners.  Therefore, we offer a Driver Entrepreneur Program that reduces costs for drivers and directly impacts your bottom line.  Ready to get in the driver’s seat and be your own boss?  Contact us today for more information!