10 Tips To Make Working Remote Easier

With the world changing and new social distancing orders going into effect virtually everywhere, we’re finding more companies switching to a remote employee model. The remote style of work isn’t an easy transition for everyone and some people struggle to figure out how to best make it work. This post will give you 10 ways you can make remote working easier for you.

1.      Dedicated Workspace
Start by dedicating an area of your house to a workspace. Have a desk, laptop/computer, light source, wifi set up, pens, paper, mouse, mouse pad, printer, etc. This will make you feel like you’re physically going to a spot to work and will trigger the switch in your brain that allows you to focus on productivity.

2.     Have a Routine or Schedule
Start your day with a routine and keep that routine M-F. Get up and brush your teeth, meditate, shower, get ready, make coffee, and head to your workspace, from there know when to take a break and try to keep consistent lunchtimes. Once done for the day, shut things down.

3.     Getting Up is Half the Battle 
If you’re just waking up and going directly to your workspace this will make it hard for your “work brain” to switch on. You need to have a morning routine. Start with a shower but don’t stop there. Do your hair, put on some makeup, get dressed in jeans and a shirt, put on some deodorant. These things will give you more energy and help you to transition from a homebody to a work-body. 

4.    Virtual Happy Hour
Schedule virtual meetings with your coworkers and do something fun. This way you can build and maintain connections and it will serve as a reminder that life is both work and play.

5.     Letting in Light
Open the windows around you and if you have screens on your doors, open your doors as well. Turn on your workspace lighting as light will naturally make you happier and more upbeat while working.

6.    Video Conferencing
Have some sort of video conferencing system so you can see other members face to face. This will also help with managing other coworkers if you’re in a managerial role. Don’t stop there. Get a chatting system as well like google hangouts or slack.

7.    Check-ins
Do daily check-ins with your team. This not only shows you care but will make them feel needed and accountable for their own performance.

8.   Music Playlist
Set up a working playlist – something that can drown out the silence while working. This will also help keep you energized and smiling!

9.    Honoring Breaks
Take your 10 minute breaks and your lunches. This will help break up your day and keep you fresh!

10.   Use Your Calendar
Use your calendar and share it with others. This way they know when you’re available and when you’re not. This is also a good way to hold your other team members accountable.

There you have it, 10 things you can start doing right away to make working remotely easier and more fun for you.