10 Ways to Stay Mentally Clear at Home

With the new “safer at home” orders in place across the US, feeling isolated can come on a little quicker than usual. It’s important you continue to do things to keep your mental health in check, especially if you already suffer from depression, anxiety or loneliness. Here are some tips to help with staying mentally healthy.

1.      Exercise
Get outside for a walk or run, try yoga, or youtube an exercise. Spending 30 minutes moving your body will bring you some endorphins and naturally bring you up.

2.     Self Care
Do something once a day for yourself. Whether it’s waking up early to enjoy a cup of coffee on the patio or cooking a special meal, here are some ideas of what you can do each day. Click here for the 31 day self care challenge!

3.     Ask yourself check-in questions; How am I feeling? What’s not working? What’s working? What do I need? What am I proud of? What can I let go? 

4.    Keep a journal
Write things down to reflex on later. Maybe the questions above can be a starting spot for you.

5.     Stay motivated
Read a book or listen to a podcast around motivators. Set new 30 day goals, or something to work towards.

6.    Get Sleep
Make sure your going to bed at a reasonable time and getting 8 hrs of sleep

7.    Quiet time
Take a bath or try meditation. Give yourself time to clear your mind and destress.

8.   Take up a Hobby
Pick up a new hobby like gardening or organization. Something to break up your week or day will give you something to look forward to.

9.    Start an Art Project
Start crafting or colorings, this can release stress and may allow you to tap into something you didn’t know you needed to.

10.   Check-ins
Call 2 friends a day to check in on them, this way you stay connected to people.

We know these are some hard times right now and anything you can do to take off some stress or anxiety will go a long way. Also take advantage of break companies are giving you right now like car payments or loan forgiveness. Delivery Drivers, Inc. hopes you’re all staying safe and well.