10 Ways to Stay Productive

Earth Day

With a month of the “stay at home order” behind us, we might start to feel like staying productive can be hard. Isolation can start to wear on you and keeping that productive mindset can be a struggle. Here are 10 hacks you can start doing today to keep your productivity up.

1.      Schedule Outcomes instead of to-do lists
Setting your intentions correctly can make you more productive with tasks. Instead of putting “blog work from 6-8am” in your calendar, write “write a blog about productivity from 6-8am”. This tends to hold you more accountable.

2.     Reward yourself
Every time you reach a goal or cross off an idea from your list remember to reward yourself. Rewards can be as simple as getting up and stretching if you accomplished that goal in front of a screen.

3.     Dedicated workspace
 Different locations can trigger different thoughts, and a dedicated workspace can trigger your brain to get focused. This also helps if you’re new to working remote to make the transition easier.

4.    Create Time, Don’t find it
Trying to find time will never happen, you have to create the time. This will also prevent you from making excuses when you’re working on a way to create the time.

5.     Resist Social Media
Checking social media or anything on your phone can be impulsive. Create restrictions to keep yourself from looking. Try turning off notifications, or using apps like screen time to monitor your use.

6.    Routines
Create a morning routine before starting work. Waking up and having a routine to commit to can set the tone for the rest of your day.

7.    Unsubscribe
This might sound small but unsubscribing from things cluttering your inbox will help you stay focused and less overwhelmed every time you check your email.

8.   Small task
Instead of writing small tasks on your to-do list, knock them out anytime you can for a small win! You’ll stay motivated, while still being able to focus on the big picture.

9.    Exercise
 Getting out daily for a form of exercise can help you to focus and stay motivated. Exercise is one of the most impactful ways to stay mentally healthy while working from home.

10.   Eat that Frog
Never heard of this before? This means dealing with the one task you really don’t want to deal with immediately. Get it out of the way and allow yourself to move on.

I hope this gives you some new ways of staying or even becoming more productive as we navigate through this isolated time in our lives.