Keeping Your Computer Close and Your Family and Friends Closer

Keeping Your Computer Close and Your Family and Friends Closer

In the past couple of months, our lives have changed dramatically. Isolation has become the new normal. Luckily, we are in the age of new and emerging technology and can use our smart devices to video chat and stay connected with others from the comfort of our own homes.

Here are some ideas to stay connected:

1.      Schedule an online workout:
You don’t need a trip to the gym to work out with your friends. Work out together virtually and increase your endorphins, making you feel better and reducing stress.

2.     Schedule a virtual dinner date:
Video chat with family or friends while cooking and eating meals. Try out a new recipe, talk about your day, and take some time to just be together, virtually.

3.     Host an online book club:
Invite your friends and family to read with you and use video chat to discuss the book together. Record your conversations too, you could have the next famous book discussion podcast on your hands.

4.    Host an online movie night:
Get a group of friends together and video chat while all watching the same movie. Hearing and seeing everyone’s reactions will make it feel like they are sitting right next to you. If you’re needing a platform to make it happen try using the Kast, a real-time video sharing app with screen capture, voice, text, and video chat technology.

It’s been proven when you engage in meaningful, productive activities with others, it has a positive effect on you and it tends to boost your mood, give you a sense of purpose, and improve your health. So host or schedule a virtual event tonight and stay connected with the ones you love.

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