New Legislation

As the gig economy motors along, States are still scrambling to address it from a regulatory perspective. This is to be expected as local and State governments have regime changes whereas “friendly” politicians and legislators are replaced by those who are antagonistic and vice versa. There are several bills in different States looking to address worker classification more thoroughly or in a different way altogether.

AB5 is a bill in California which seeks to implement the specifics of the Dynamex ruling into regulatory law.

You can read more about AB5 here:

The other States are working towards passing similar measures.

SB3106 in Hawaii can be researched here:

HB2498 in Oregon:

States will continue to address, reassess and readdress laws and regulatory policy toward worker classification and the gig economy. DDI’s legal team keep its staff and clients up to date on the goings-on in Washington, but also in each State. If you’d like more information on regulatory activity in your State, please give DDI a call today at 949-398-0489!