What Restaurants Should Look for In a Restaurant Delivery Service

In COVID-19 times, Restaurants are no longer allowed to serve dine in customers and are facing some tough decisions. Restaurants that didn’t previously offer delivery services prior to COVID19 are having to consider their options when it comes to offering delivery services to their customers. Read More

5 Things To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Earth Day 2020 has arrived! With COVID-19, we’re seeing decreases in pollution and traffic across the globe. Let’s use this trend as a starting point for all of us to decrease our footprint for this year’s 50th anniversary of Earth Day…Read More

10 Ways to Stay Productive

Earth Day

With a month of the “stay at home order” behind us, we might start to feel like staying productive can be hard. Isolation can start to wear on you and keeping that productive mindset… Read More

10 Ways to Stay Mentally Clear at Home

If everything happening in the world right now remember to keep your mental health in check, especially if you already suffer from depression, anxiety or loneliness. Here are some tips to help with staying mentally healthy. Read More

10 Tips To Make Working Remote Easier

With the world changing and new social distancing orders going into effect virtually everywhere, we’re finding more companies switching to a remote employee model. The remote style of work isn’t an easy transition for everyone and some people struggle to figure out how to best make it work. This post will give you 10 ways you can make remote working easier for you. Read More


On September 11th the California Legislature passed Bill AB5, which essentially modifies the test by which workers are assessed to determine their proper classification – independent contractor or employee. For years California has used the common law test to determine a worker’s classification. The common law test, AKA the IRS guidelines is a 20-factor test. AB5’s passage allows the State … Read More

New Legislation

As the gig economy motors along, States are still scrambling to address it from a regulatory perspective.

5 Unemployment Audit Triggers

If you’ve been audited you can rest assured that there was nothing random about it! In virtually all cases, audits are triggered by at least one event.

He Said/She Said

In any worker classification investigation, at some point, the investigator or auditor is going to interview your Independent Contractors.

What’s Your Business?

What appears at first glance to be a rather simple and innocent question for most business owners to answer, carries with it such incredible importance.