Independent Contractor Deposits

Delivery Drivers, Inc. has broken down payments and deposits for independent contractors into the following key ideas to help your business thrive while utilizing an independent contractor workforce… Read More

Gig Workers and Mental Health

Mental Health

During such uncertain times, it is more important than ever to take care of our mental health. This holds even more weight for people working in the gig economy… Read More

4 Tips to Retain Gig Economy Workers


Having a consistent, reliable, independent contractor workforce saves businesses time and money. As experts in the gig economy and independent contractor management, read more for our list of 4 tips for independent contractor retention. Read More

Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss!

Delivery Drivers Inc. strives to support and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in our driver-partners. We offer a Driver Entrepreneur Program that reduces costs for drivers and directly impacts your bottom line. Ready to get in the driver’s seat and be your own boss? Read More

Health Insurance Now Available with Stride!

health insurance

Delivery Drivers Inc. is proud to announce our partnership with Stride, a company that helps you save time and money on health insurance and benefits. Stride makes it really easy to find the right coverage for you at the lowest possible prices…Read More

Committed to California Courier Delivery Services

Delivery Drivers Inc. believes in supporting the rights and high quality working environments for drivers by offering occupational accident insurance, utilizing recurring background checks, and maintaining a zero-tolerance for alcohol and drug offenses. If your business utilizes independent contractors, learn more about how DDI gives you peace of mind in the regulatory landscape…Read More

What Restaurants Should Look for In a Restaurant Delivery Service

restaurant delivery service

In COVID-19 times, Restaurants are no longer allowed to serve dine in customers and are facing some tough decisions. Restaurants that didn’t previously offer delivery services prior to COVID19 are having to consider their options when it comes to offering delivery services to their customers. Read More

5 Unemployment Audit Triggers

If you’ve been audited you can rest assured that there was nothing random about it! In virtually all cases, audits are triggered by at least one event…Read More