XPO Logistics Trucking Subsidiaries Sued Over Driver Classification

Class-action lawsuit argues that drivers were misclassified as independent contractors ENLARGE XPO Logistics CEO Brad Jacobs, left, talks with a company driver. Three trucking company subsidiaries of XPO were sued in California Monday for allegedly misclassifying their drivers as independent contractors. PHOTO: TONY DING/ASSOCIATED PRESS By ERICA E. PHILLIPS Jan. 12, 2016 7:24 a.m. ET Three trucking company subsidiaries of … Read More


Independent Contractors and Worker Misclassification continue to make headlines. Below are three examples of States addressing the topic. Oregon Labor Bureau States Uber Drivers Are Employees Brad Avakian, Commissioner of Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries released an advisory opinion this week, opining that based on his State’s Economic Realities Test (method to determine whether a worker is an independent … Read More

What’s Saving Companies from Losing It All in the On-Demand Delivery Industry

Irvine, CA – February 27, 2015  On average Americans spend $70 billion a year on food delivery with 60% of people ordering delivery at least once a week. These numbers are only expected to keep growing as technology and the food delivery industry continues to expand. The huge opportunities technology has opened up in the onNdemand delivery industry has big … Read More

Delivery Drivers Inc. Expands into Courier Industry

Courier Contractor Management Solutions | DDI

Irvine, CA – March 23, 2015 – Delivery Drivers Inc. has officially entered into the estimated $14.5 billion Courier Industry with the addition of a Courier Division to their services. With over 7,000 firms in this multi-billion dollar industry, DDI has become the only national third-party administrator providing full service recruiting of courier drivers. With more than 200 years of … Read More

The Uber Ruling: What it Ultimately Means

A California judge has ruled that the class action suit against Uber will be heard by a jury, prompting Lawrence Meyer of Townhall.com to assert in his article of May 19th that Uber’s Fate Is In The Hands of 12 People.  While civil matters are often obscenely costly to businesses like Uber, the direct financial impact of a class action … Read More

Owner of DDI, Aaron Hageman Featured on Bloomberg Business

The owner of DDI,  Aaron Hageman was featured on a Bloomberg Business article and gave us his thoughts on what’s going on in the delivery world today. Check it out. Click on the title below to read the article. The Food Deliveryman of Tomorrow Doesn’t Work for a Restaurant

10 Biggest Myths of Being Self-Employed

Each week, DDI’s Account Managers and I get together to speak about any updates in making sure our clients are keeping up with compliance in their area, what we can do to help or clients with preventative action against misconceptions of their business, and how we can help our clients in development and growth. One of our account managers, Ryan … Read More

Are You Keeping Up w/the Laws?

Here’s an article that was put out by the Independent Contractor Compliance publishers, summarizing two cleaners’ allegations of being misclassified as independent contractors. This is a perfect example of the consequences for not complying with state and federal laws. Additionally, the affiliation between the drivers and marketing partners should be mutually beneficial in that, drivers help advertise marketing partners’ name … Read More

Need Some Ideas on Tracking Mileage?

Are you tracking the mileage you put on your car? You should be! Tracking your mileage is one of the biggest breaks you can get on your taxes when being self-employed.  One of the most common ways a driver tracks their mileage is by writing it down and calculating it at the end of every shift. Lets be honest, who … Read More

What is Uber?

This is a question with multiple answers and depending upon who you ask, you will get a number of different responses. For those of us who use Uber, we might simply say “Uber is awesome! It provides me with a better, cheaper, more convenient service than a taxi company does.” If you ask Uber what Uber is, you will also get … Read More

Trouble Looming for the Ride-Share Companies

Uber and Lyft, by far the biggest names within the ride-sharing tech industry, present themselves simply as apps – tech portals, connecting people looking for rides to drivers willing to pick them up. The intent of these companies to separate themselves from the workers is clear. In no way do Uber or Lyft want to be perceived as an employer of … Read More