5 Items Food Delivery Drivers Need Handy

Think ahead and be better prepared! For delivery drivers, convenience is key. Making things easier for yourself not only makes you more efficient, but also helps keep a clutter mind more organized. This couldn’t be more true for food delivery drivers. For those who are in the business, you know exactly what we are talking about. We’ve compiled a list … Read More

Recruitment should not be a burden.

Recruitment should she be Hassle-Free There are many obstacles that companies face when building a business. Aside from legal compliance issues and daily operations, getting the right people on your team is one of the biggest challenges that needs to be addressed. Being in the delivery driver industry for over twenty years, we understand that the recruitment of drivers is … Read More

Issues That Face HR Directors in 2017 & What To Do About It

Staying Current with Regulations While Managing Day-to-Day Tasks. It’s no mystery that companies continue to work hard at staying current with labor laws and regulations. Whether it be new federal or state laws, many employers are left in the dark when it comes to these issues. In our 20+ years of experience, we have discovered that over 150 labor laws … Read More

3 Way Delivery Drivers Can Make More Tips

Making money in your spare time is one of the main reasons why our partnered drivers enjoy working with us. The freedom to create your own schedule and select the areas you want to work allows you to be your own boss. But what if you were able to make a “little bit” more money on each delivery? What if … Read More

Walmart partners with Uber and Lyft for grocery deliveries

In a fierce attempt to step up competition with Amazon’s burgeoning grocery-delivery service, Walmart this week announced they will be testing grocery-delivery services with both Uber and Lyft. The retailer will start trying out Uber in Phoenix and Lyft in Denver within the next two weeks, and hopes to establish some kind of permanent system for expanding their business and marketing … Read More

Domino’s delivery driver saves man’s life

Domino’s employees at the Salem, Oregon operation ended up saving a regular customer’s life last week. Kirk Alexander, a middle-aged man who orders from the Domino’s Salem location three to four times a week, hadn’t phoned the operators in over 11 days. Sarah Fuller, the General Manager, knew there was something wrong. She sent deliverer Tracey Hamblen to Alexander’s residence. … Read More

New York’s Vinnie’s Pizzeria Unveils Pizza Box Made Out of Pizza

Just when you thought Brooklyn couldn’t be any more obsessed with pizza… think again. Last week, Vinnie’s Pizzeria unveiled a pizza box made entirely out of pizza. Inside the pizza box is, you guessed it, also a pizza. Officially called the “pizza box pizza,” the Pizzeria claims their ingenious packaging invention will reduce leftover waste, and leave consumers happier, and fuller, than … Read More

Cops could get “textalyzers” for clamping down on distracted driving

New York State is toying with the idea of deploying “textalyzer” phone scanners that tell cops whether drivers were texting at the time of an accident. The scanners would harness mobile forensic technology. The proposed legislation is already being met with fierce backlash from civil liberties activists. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2016/04/13/distracted-driving-clampdown-cops-could-get-textalyzers.html

10 Biggest Myths of Being Self-Employed

Each week, DDI’s Account Managers and I get together to speak about any updates in making sure our clients are keeping up with compliance in their area, what we can do to help or clients with preventative action against misconceptions of their business, and how we can help our clients in development and growth. One of our account managers, Ryan … Read More

Need Some Ideas on Tracking Mileage?

Are you tracking the mileage you put on your car? You should be! Tracking your mileage is one of the biggest breaks you can get on your taxes when being self-employed.  One of the most common ways a driver tracks their mileage is by writing it down and calculating it at the end of every shift. Lets be honest, who … Read More