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DDI values our Channel Partners who share a similar mission: to serve, provide advocacy and leadership to independent contractors in the global gig economy.

Let’s work together! If you are interested in becoming a Partner of DDI, please fill out our contact form for more details.


Building an on-demand delivery network for your business is complex. You need to hire engineers, spend months building the technical infrastructure, and continuously recruit drivers. It’s why we built Burq – a network of on-demand delivery providers that instantly gives you the fastest and cheapest way to get your customers their products.

Cartwheel is an on-demand delivery management software for courier companies, restaurants, and beyond. They help companies cut costs and streamline their deliveries. Features include an easy-to-use driver app, a manager’s dashboard (for both web and mobile), real-time tracking for clients, and an instant feedback tool to increase brand loyalty.

Elite EXTRA is an industry-leading advanced dispatch software designed to streamline delivery operations and help companies deliver to the first mile, last mile, and every mile in between. Whether you’re delivering products, completing service calls, or shuttling people, we customize Elite EXTRA to fit your unique workflow, cut costs and meet customer demands.

Swyft is a technology company with a mission to democratize access to same-day delivery. We are the only asset-free B2B managed marketplace solving for affordability in last-mile logistics. Our logistics tech optimizes a courier company’s workflows and creates net new value. We believe in prioritizing the needs of our delivery partners in order to grow their business in a meaningful way while offering the highest level of service to our merchants.
ShipTrack is the world’s most innovative and scalable logistics management platform. Descartes transportation management platform helps dispatchers manage deliveries, improve efficiency, increase productivity, and lower operational costs with a comprehensive management tool.
Onfleet is a San Francisco-based technology company that builds software for last-mile delivery operations. Onfleet’s mission is to delight customers, scale operations, and boost efficiency with the world’s most advanced logistics software.
FieldLogix is an award-winning and innovative Field Resource Management solution that helps you streamline delivery operations, increase your organization’s sustainability, maintain the highest safety standards,  keep your customers happy, and increase your bottom line! We are driven by our mission to help you GET MORE DONE! and are the only provider that offers a comprehensive feature set and flexible plan options.

Enroute AI is a last mile route optimization SaaS solution leveraging the power of AI to ensure deliveries are on time. Their software powers over 50,000 deliveries per month in each of the cities areas they serve, and are growing rapidly. Enroute currently partners with 50 active carriers. Enroute AI is looking to partner with more carriers that have extra capacity in their fleet to help their shipper clients.


We’re leveraging technology to bring hiring to the next level. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, our tools and solutions make background checks faster, easier, and more compliant. We believe all candidates should have a fair chance to work. That’s why we’re connecting companies to more diverse pools of qualified talent and helping them reduce bias throughout their hiring process.