Communication loop

If you asked any of our operations employees what their day consists of, the common theme you'd find is communication. From internal communication within and between teams, to external communication with our clients, it's what most of their days consist of. When you're working with over a hundred clients and thousands of drivers, it's important to stick to the fundamentals to ensure the best service possible is provided. We train all of our employees on the "communication loop" when they're first hired. The communication loop, simply stated, means ensuring that all parties involved in an issue are kept up to speed. This is important for any business, but especially important for DDI, due to the number of individuals involved in third-party administration and independent contractor management.

For claims handling, we've found the communication loop to be key to our consistently high customer satisfaction. Information distribution and management are especially important for any type of claim to ensure that all parties involved know the current status and receive the proper information for the claim to be successfully managed. We work directly with our clients and vendors to facilitate the claims process. There's a sizeable amount of work involved to make sure everything is delivered to the proper party on time. Documents must be exchanged between medical providers, clients, and insurance companies to complete the claims process. By using the communication loop, our frontline team is able to keep our clients informed throughout every step of the process.

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