Courier Contractor Management Solutions

Benefits of Partnering with DDI for Courier Contractor Management

  • A Full-time Dedicated Recruiting Team & Interactive Recruiting Technology
  • 100% Paperless Enrollments and Contract Administration
  • Seamless Accurate Accounting – Settlement Processing & Worker Tax Documents
  • Insurance Programs – Management for Your Business & Contractors
  • 20+ Years of Legal Experience and Expertise Specifically for Businesses in the Transportation Industry Using Independent Contractors

Comprehensive Legal Compliance Management

  • Staff training of do’s and don’ts of working 
  • Audit written materials e.g., social media, websites, menu guides, coupons & flyers
  • Provide self-employment education to drivers 
  • Research state, county, and city legal requirements
  • Provide 1-on-1 operational consulting for your business
  • Employment & labor tax services
  • In case of audit: manage completion of all documents
    • Evidentiary material submission deadlines
    • General communications

Recruiting & Enrollment Services

  • Run and pay for ad placements
  • Handle all calls from advertised campaign
  • Prescreen applicants to your specifications
  • Schedule applicant interviews
  • Provide daily recruitment status updates
  • Nationwide DMV screening
  • Drug screening, felony & misdemeanor background checks
  • Paperless enrollments software

Insurance Support Services

  • Injury, incident, and accident claim management
  • Manage claim communication
  • Execute the detail insurance
  • Assist corporate insurance renewals
  • Hands on assistance with all state & federal carrier audits
  • Assist in writing new lines of insurance

Driver Payments & Accounting

  • Direct Deposit Processing & Distribution
  • One on One Tax Consulting
  • Annual Profit & Loss Statements with detailed itemized expenses provided for the drivers
  • Driver Tax Educational Videos
  • Direct Deposit for active DDI drivers at no cost!
  • Live customer service Mon-Fri 8AM-4:30PM PST