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Your courier business and its team of independent contractor delivery drivers have packages that need to be delivered, on time and in perfect condition. There is no replacement for a reliable and well-run courier business, and for a business to run at optimal levels, it needs to have the right support for its independent contractor delivery drivers

Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) is your custom-tailored solution to all the backend needs of your contracted courier drivers. Every courier driver business provides services to their staff, from massive internationally connected networks of drivers and delivery personnel, to statewide or local personalized delivery services, and your company is no exception.

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With DDI as your partner you will receive unique solutions in these areas:


Legal Compliance


Account Services 


Onboarding New Drivers







Our Mission

Stop wasting your time pouring over the mundane details of state or federal laws that govern your business and your industry and let us handle the compliance behind an independent contractor delivery driver team. This will allow you to focus on what you do best, give you peace of mind, and even free up time to grow your business in ways you may have not explored.

Every contract courier driver business has a vision and DDI is here to make sure your vision gets delivered!

Our Services

Recruiting & Manpower 
Screening & enrollment
Accounting & Taxes
Compliance & regulatory

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