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Partner With DDI For Contractor Courier Drivers

Many courier businesses rely on teams of independent contractor delivery drivers who provide timely and accurate deliveries.  There is no replacement for a reliable and well-run courier business, but managing pay, keeping drivers happy, and ensuring you have enough drivers isn’t always easy.

That’s where Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) comes into play.  DDI is your custom-tailored solution to all the backend needs of your contracted courier drivers.  From recruiting and placing top-quality courier drivers, to managing deposits and driver needs, DDI keeps your business running smoothly.

How Does DDI Support Courier Companies Looking For Drivers?

At DDI, we provide our clients with all the necessary tools and services to let you focus on developing and growing your business.  Our goal is to provide you and your drivers with the ability to focus on your customers and not worry about regulatory or administrative requirements and regulations.  As one of our partners, you’ll be receiving specialized services in the following areas:

What Sets DDI Apart

Peace of Mind - minimize risk by working with a partner that knows the ins and outs of the independent contractor regulatory environment.

Dedicated Team - a dedicated account manager, so you and your drivers always have an expert who knows your business.

Streamline Operations - we help with driver communications, direct deposit, and taxes at the end of the year.

Call us at (888) DDI-WORK or fill out our form, Become a Client, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.  Let DDI help you elevate your business today!

Our Services

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Courier Businesses We Service

  • Auto Parts
  • Documents
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical 
  • On Demand