Customer Referral Program

Invite Your Friends to Join the DDI Family With Our Customer Referral Program!

Our Customer Referral Program encourages existing Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) Clients to share their DDI experience with partners, colleagues, and friends.  By referring our program of services and a new Customer becomes a DDI partner, both the existing Client and new Customer receive a reward.

What does the Client Receive from the Referral Program?

DDI created a tiered referral program for our Clients:

For the first Customer referral, the Client receives a $2,500.00 credit to be applied to their DDI Account.

Subsequently, for the second Customer referral and any referral after, the Client receives a $5,000.00 credit. Likewise, this credit is applicable to their DDI Account.
Additionally, every year on the anniversary of the referred Customer’s start date, the referring Client receives a $500.00 credit. Similarly, this credit is applicable to their DDI Account.  Furthermore, this credit is applicable annually permitted the referred Customer and Client are active and in good standing with DDI.

Additional rules for the reward:

The Client’s initial credit is applicable to their Account after 90 days from the start date of new Customer.  The annual $500.00 DDI credit is applicable to the Client who referred the Customer to the next billing cycle after the annual anniversary of the Customer.  The referred Customer and Client must be active and in good standing with DDI.

There is no cap on the number of referrals a Client can make.  All credits are paid accordingly.

If multiple Clients refer the same Customer, only the first referrer receives their referral credit to their Account.

For a Client to receive DDI credits, they must be an active Client with DDI and in good standing.

For the Client to receive the DDI credit, the referred Customer must have a minimum of 20 driver-partners.

What does the New Customer Receive from the Referral Program?

All Customers who are referred to DDI from an existing Client from the Customer Referral Program receive 50% off your DDI weekly fees for 30 days from your start date.  However, in order to receive the discount, the referred Customer and existing DDI Client must be active and in good standing.

Fill out the Customer Referral Form below to refer a new customer or click here.

Terms and Conditions

Rewards may be subject to taxation. Please consult a tax expert for any implications.
DDI, at its sole discretion, reserves the right, with or without notice, to modify, supplement or rescind or review the Customer Referral Program.  We will communicate any change clearly and timely.  However, clients who referred Customers before a reward was abolished will still receive the appropriate reward.
Moreover, in order for any party listed above to receive their bonus they must be active and in good standing with DDI.