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DDI is proud to partner with over 160,000 independent contractors. We love hearing how becoming a partner of DDI has changed people’s lives. Recently, an independent contractor reached out to us to share his story as a DDI driver-partner. Here is Arthur’s Driver-Partner Success Story!

About Our Driver-Partner

Arthur John Handscomb is 60 years old. He has traveled our amazing world more times than he can remember and has gone through 6 passports. Arthur has two amazing children with quite a few grandchildren. He has worked and lived in China, Japan, UK, France, Holland, Singapore, Kuwait, India, Canada and his home country, the U.S., since August 2013.

Why Do You Partner With DDI?

DDI saved me, it is a very true statement. I never really saw this coming. Previously, I was working for a pure narcissist and the behavior of the organization was so toxic that it did not matter that I was making in-excess of six figures a year. I realized I had to make a change and could no longer work for a company that only thought of themselves and did not care about the insane harm they were causing people. So, I did what a person of my age would do in a very rational manner, I resigned and woke up the next day and said “crap” I need to find work.

My neighbor told me about DDI. As a result, I became a driver-partner for DDI because I needed work and it is a result of trusting my neighbor.

Why Do You Continue To Partner With DDI?

I want to articulate this in a very specific manner. Having the privilege to be a driver-partner with DDI is exactly that, “it is a privilege.” It’s not a right, it’s not a job, it is a profession that we are utilized under the 1099 agreement. We are without a doubt an extension everyday of our corporate customer and governing body DDI. When we are out on the road to deliver to people their groceries, think about this. They are trusting us to bring to them the very things they’re going to put into their body. That is a massive amount of human trust. It is remarkable in many ways. We are not in the grocery delivery business even though that is what we do every day. We’re in the business of helping people utilize that time that it would’ve taken for them to get groceries so they could do something else in their lives. We give them the opportunity to utilize that time in a more fruitful and beneficial manner. In essence, we are giving back to that person something they can’t buy, and that is time.

For the last 40 years, I’ve had a variety of positions such as Vice President of International Operations to Chief Operations Officer to Chief Negotiator, Forensics Expert, and CEO. I have never in my whole career had the kind of sentiment and experience and wholeness that I’m having today as I meet everyday people and bring them their groceries. Some of my deliveries have been inspirational and some have brought me emotion and concern for their wellbeing. Driving for DDI is a privilege not a job.

What Are The Best Parts About Partnering With DDI?

The last time I was paid on a weekly basis must have been 42 years ago. I love it. Being serious, the best part of partnering with DDI is that I can be a part of a national company that recognizes that its human capital is vital to their success. The company has extraordinary leadership. Partnering with DDI means they are invested in its driver-partners, and invested in its customers and invested in the next generation coming behind us. Why would we want to partner with anyone else? I have it all here. Thank you DDI for being my perfect partner.

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