Depth is the DDI Legal Team’s Greatest Strength

DDI legal team

Depth Is The DDI Legal Team’s Greatest Strength

Businesses utilizing the services of Independent Contractors are almost certain to face regulatory or civil scrutiny at some point. While there are several roads one may be required to travel in defending the company’s use of independent contractors, walking that road alone is quite dangerous. The truth is, no one running a service business gets into that business to play lawyer or deal with complex, often tricky regulatory circumstances.

The DDI Legal Team represents more than 100 years of combined legal and regulatory management experience. We work with three of the largest employment and labor law firms in the country – the same firms and attorneys representing the largest gig economy platforms in the US. We contract directly with employment tax and worker classification specialists and sales and usage tax specialists. Internally, CEO Aaron Hageman and Executive Director Adam Dodge have successfully managed and won dozens of worker classification audits over the 22 years that DDI has been in business.

If you’re looking to mitigate the risk your company and your independent contractors face, DDI is THE solution.

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