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Features Include an Easy to Use App, Real-Time Tracking, and Customer Notifications


Irvine, CA (January 27, 2022)Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI), a leading third-party administrator specializing in last-mile delivery, joined a partnership with Radaro to enable faster delivery times, fewer missed deliveries, and maximum driver utilization. In 2022, DDI projects to complete over 100,000,000 deliveries. With Radaro’s partnership, we can streamline and optimize the last-mile delivery sector and improve the customer experience all around. 


Our Partnership with Radaro

Through our partnership, DDI and Radaro are building out a technology integration. This can create a more efficient workflow for our clients operations. With built in notifications, easily accessible downloads and automated payments to driver-partner profiles, information will be available in real-time. “Radaro is a great partner for DDI; as we continue to scale, Radaro has the platform to grow with us. Radaro’s route optimization tools will help get more business into the network for DDI last-mile delivery-partners. Therefore, help improve their earnings.” said CEO of Delivery Drivers, Inc., Aaron Hageman. Our goal is to leverage the power and flexibility of the gig-economy. By offer a SAAS operation platform that can help onboard, screen, schedule and route jobs. This is for same-day and next day deliveries while maintaining the company’s brand intact. 

As the delivery industry continues to expand and evolve, we at DDI pride ourselves on continuing to change with it. By offering our clients new ways to grow their business. “We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with DDI. We bring a scalable platform with the logistics tools and resources to power the front end of the delivery operation with our fully branded end-to-end visibility of the delivery, customers and clients will have it all at their fingertips” said Joe Thull, Head of North America, Radaro. 

More than ever, companies are looking for an end to end operation platform that can help elevate them to the next level. By partnering with Radaro, DDI can now offer a full suite of front and back end operation services at one cost.



Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) was founded in 1996 and is a third-party administrator with a singular focus – to bring Human Resource and Driver Management solutions for business owners operating with independent contractors. DDI’s mission is to serve, provide advocacy and leadership to the millions of 1099 entrepreneurs in the global gig economy.  DDI’s business model helps companies find and onboard top-quality driver-partners and assist with accounting and tax services – all while providing compliance and legal expertise.

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