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Irvine, CA – August 2, 2021

Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI), a leading third-party administrator specializing in last-mile labor solutions, announced their partnership with MedZoomer, the fastest-growing on-demand prescription delivery platform in the United States. MedZoomer can deliver medication from the pharmacy to the consumer in under two hours. 

“DDI is thrilled to partner with MedZoomer, where our overall growth and scalability can expand their pharmacy deliveries into new markets in a matter of days,” says Aaron Hageman, CEO of DDI. “Our compliance and risk management teams cut through the challenges that many pharmacy delivery programs encounter. Allowing MedZoomer to deliver freely in accordance with all local, state, and national laws and regulations.”

DDI will provide MedZoomer with their all-in-one solution for onboarding, accounting and risk management services. This goes into partnering with independent contractors for last-mile deliveries. This solution will provide MedZoomer the opportunity to take their focus off of the last-mile delivery and shift to expanding their operations across the United States and more. 

“Working with DDI has been a wonderful experience, the speed and professionalism in which they have operated under has been remarkable to see, everyone has a specific role in their well oiled machine,” says MedZoomer CEO, Marvin Kloss. “We couldn’t have found a better partner. This helps us take advantage of all the demand we have coming in from all over the country.”

DDI’s partnership with MedZoomer will deliver to 28 markets across the nation. This includes their top 3 markets in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.


About Delivery Drivers, Inc.

Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) was founded in 1996 and is a third-party administrator with a singular focus – to bring Human Resource and Driver Management solutions for business owners operating with independent contractors. DDI’s mission is to serve, provide advocacy and leadership to independent contractors in the global gig economy. DDI’s business model helps companies find and onboard top-quality independent contractors and assist with accounting and tax services – all while providing compliance and legal expertise.

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