Document Management

Managing an independent contractor workforce is time consuming. One of the most time consuming but essential parts of this is Document Management. From contracts to tax packets, each independent contractor has certain documents that needs to be completed and sometimes updated. This requires followup with each individual contractor during the onboarding process and throughout the partnership as things expire and need to be renewed.

The experts at DDI have document management down to a science with our innovative solutions and proprietary platform.

For Clients

DDI manages contracts, insurance, drivers license expiration, HIPAA certifications, screening reports (continuous monitoring program), initial screenings (MVRs, drug, background check), and a 6 month MVR follow up. Additionally, we can assist with providing documents for insurance renewals such as hired non-owned policy and provide 1096 when requested.

DDI also has the ability to manage unique documents on a case by case basis.

For Drivers

Onboarding Specialists at DDI notify independent contractors of documentation needs via email, text messages, and phone calls until all documentation is complete. Notices are sent out to independent contractors of expiring documents 7 days before expiration and 7 days after in addition to direct client followup.

DDI also provides are independent contractors with 1099s via tax packets by 1/31 deadline.

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