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DDI Blog: Does a W2 Model Still Make Sense for Your Business? For Over 25 Years

Delivery Drivers, Inc. has provided last-mile solutions to businesses for over 25 years.  The last few years saw a meteoric rise in the gig economy, especially with the increased delivery needs in the last 18 months.  As a result, businesses in many areas of our economy are struggling to pivot appropriately and in a cost effective way. The gig economy is challenging the traditional use of W2 employees.  Independent contractor workforces are the way of the future.  

Ever Evolving Employment Landscape

With the ever evolving employment landscape, what was once the standard operating method is now a bureaucratic burden filled with red-tape, endless paperwork, and fluctuating costs.  Businesses across every sector of the economy are waking up to this fact and it is changing the way many of them are structured.

For many companies, it used to make perfect sense to keep traditional W2 employees. However, when faced with rising expenses such as taxes, medical coverage, etc., the question begs: is there a better way? 

1099 Workforce For Your Business

Yes!  Delivery Drivers, Inc. is here to help you determine whether a 1099 workforce is right for your business.  The team at Delivery Drivers, Inc. has extensive experience providing Human Resource and Delivery Management solutions for businesses who work with or are considering working with independent contractors. 

Our all-in-one solution includes the following:

Evaluate How You’re Operating Your Business

Are the old ways of doing business limiting your growth?  Now is the time to take a step back and evaluate how you’re operating your business.  Are your operations moving you forward or holding you back?  Delivery Drivers, Inc. is ready to help you evaluate your operations.

With the experience, the team, and the solutions needed to evaluate your specific business for the long haul, Delivery Drivers, Inc. is uniquely positioned to identify where your business will save money, and make appropriate recommendations to the current structure of your company. 

Contact us today to find out if a W2 model still makes sense for your business.