Don’t let paperwork bog your delivery business down

Don't let paperwork bog your delivery business down

At Delivery Drivers Inc. we make sure our clients don't have to bear the burden of dealing with paperwork. When it comes to working with independent contractors, keeping evidentiary support on hand is an essential part of the job. It’s important to not only have that paperwork available, but also for it to be up-to-date and 100% accurate. DDI’s technology will ensure all your driver partners’ documents are there when you need them.

During the onboarding process, driver partners will typically complete service and equipment lease agreements. We also facilitate any additional client-specific contracts, which can be easily added to our document set. Workers can easily access all documents on any device (mobile, tablet, computer), and all signatures are handled through HelloSign, which is compliant with all major eSignature laws. Once a worker is enrolled, document sets are available anytime. Our team is here to help and even compile them for you!

To go above and beyond, DDI’s Contractor Entrepreneurial Program (CEP) provides our clients with additional documents reinforcing the workers’ self-employed status. Through our CEP program, we build a file of Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), Business Licenses, and other relevant evidence from our driver clients. These documents are incredibly beneficial to have if your relationship with the contractor is ever questioned. We can not only produce the standard document set, but go above and beyond with the CEP documents submitted by drivers.

We’re always here to help protect our clients. If you’d like to find out more about what Delivery Drivers Inc can do for you, fill out the form below