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Driving jobs and the gig economy is BOOMING.  All over the country ‘solopreneurs’ are taking control of their finances, getting behind the wheel, and driving as a source of income.  Being a driver partner is not just a way to make money, or pay bills – the way that our world does business has changed drastically.  Having a driving job is quickly becoming a movement.

You have probably thought about it at some point recently, which is why you are here.  Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) connects businesses with independent contractor delivery drivers.  These part-time or full-time drivers work with specific companies in industries that span restaurant delivery, courier delivery, grocery delivery, medical/pharmaceutical, retail and many more.

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Driver Perks Program

At DDI we appreciate the hard work and determination of our driver-partners.  We understand the value of taking control of your finances and becoming a ‘solopreneur’.  To show our continued care and support of last-mile delivery drivers, we’ve created a Driver Perks Program to offer a wide range of discounts exclusive to DDI driver-partners.

To enjoy the Driver Perks Program, you can sign up to become a driver-partner today!

Already a Driver Partner?  Check out our Contractor Entrepreneur Program, it gives ‘solopreneurs’ incentives on hitting business milestones.

Health Insurance

By partnering with DDI, you have access to Stride Health – who saves you time and money on insurance and taxes. Stride works with you to find which plan best fit your personal needs and budget.

Mileage Tracker

DDI understands the importance of our driver-partners tracking mileage for tax deductions and mileage reimbursement. Through our partnership with TripLog, you receive a special discount.

Vehicle Maintenance

For over 25 years, DDI vehicle maintenance. DDI is a National Fleet Customer with Jiffy Lube® and our driver-partners receive a discount with their custom member card.

Roadside Assistance

DDI partnered with HONK to bring next-generation roadside assistance with cutting-edge digital technology and frictionless experiences. With HONK, our driver-partners receive exclusive discounts and deals.

Mobile Car Repair

Through DDI, our driver-partners receive an exclusive discount with YourMechanic. Book a service online and mechanics will come to your location to service your car. You can schedule maintenance of cars anywhere!

Driver Training

DDI understands the importance of safe driving. Our driver partners receive a discount with IMPROV® Learning, because safe driving is a critical skill. A team of experts provide content that is effective and entertaining.

GPS Solutions

Through DDI you can partner through 7Psolutions to provide real-time GPS solutions for your vehicle. These GPS services enhance automated communications to customers, documented waiting time, alert law enforcement when services are required and much more.

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