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As an independent contractor delivery driver, you operate your deliveries just like a business. You have to manage schedules, orders, time, costs and profits, just like any other business would. Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) is your delivery HR partner and recognizes that, as an independent delivery driver, you are an entrepreneur, and it's time you get the benefits of being a business owner and entrepreneur.

Our driver entrepreneur program empowers you, the contract driver, to look at your delivery business through the lens of an entrepreneur, by reducing costs and directly impacting your bottom line.

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You Are In The Driver Seat

DDI provides a wealth of resources and information to you as a contract driver, in addition to legal compliance that you can rely on. When you join DDI's Driver Entrepreneur Program, you have the opportunity to reduce your management costs by 30% for those who make 25 to 25 deliveries per week and deeper discounts for more active drivers .

By providing DDI with certain documentation about your business, you will receive a direct deduction on the cost that DDI can offer you.

Take control of your delivery business. Our program puts you in the driver's seat.

Take Control. Take The Wheel. Take Action, Today.

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