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Smartphone distraction is the leading cause of crashes, as well as injuries and fatalities. In 2020, 57% of collisions involved smartphones in the 5 seconds leading up to an incident. That means implementing as many safety measures as possible is more important than ever. Utilizing a driving score, eliminating smartphone distractions, rewarding the safest drivers, and protecting drivers from other road users are critical components of driver safety.

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What can your business do to proactively manage safety for your workforce?

The technology exists to read messages out loud, track driver behavior, and provide feedback on how to improve driving safety. Delivery companies need to take a proactive stance on preventing smartphone distraction and unsafe driving.

This is why DDI partners with companies like ping and Driver Technologies to offer driver-partners resources that promote safe driving.

DDI believes in putting Drivers First. To show our continued care and support of last-mile delivery drivers, we created a Driver Perks Program to offer a wide range of discounts exclusive to DDI driver-partners. This perks program offers discounts on safe driving courses, roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance, and so much more.

If driver safety isn’t important to your business, it will never be important to the drivers.

Putting driver safety first can lower the risks associated with the drivers you partner with and your business. Don’t know where to start with driver safety? Partner with DDI! Not only are we the leading independent contractor management solution, our Drivers First mentality and all of our driver safety resources will show your drivers you also put them, and their safety, first.

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