What does DDI do for me?

DDI will refer you to a Marketing Partner in your local geographic area. DDI will manage your weekly accounting, itemizing your income and expenses while administering weekly wire deposits into your bank account. DDI technology will manage the administrative duties of your business – the enrollments process, auto-insurance and drivers’ license renewals, motor vehicle reports, etc. Most importantly, our Entrepreneurial Academy will systematically educate you to the ins and outs of running your own business.

What does my Marketing Partner do for me?

Your Marketing Partner will source customers for your business via print, online, social media and email marketing campaigns. Its state of the art technology will send you delivery jobs during the hours you’re available straight to your smart phone. Accept the jobs you want and execute them.

How do I make money?

For each job you accept and complete, your customer will compensate you with a delivery or service fee and a gratuity.

Will I get a 1099 at the end of the year?

No. A 1099 is issued to independent contractors by companies who compensate them under a contract. Because you will be running your own transportation business, and because your customers will compensate you directly, you are 100% responsible for reporting all of your income and expenses on your year-end taxes. That is where DDI comes in. By joining our network, we will do the heavy lifting – producing year-end profit and loss reports, required tax forms and detailed instructions to ensure your tax returns are filed accurately.

What does it cost to use DDI?

DDI charges its clients a percentage of their gross delivery fees. Rates range from 10-15% depending on market.

Are my rates negotiable?

Yes, The rates you pay your marketing firm are always negotiable!


If you have more questions, please call our Onboarding Department at (888) DDI-WORK ext 700


  • DDI it a lot easier to do the things that we want to focus on, our inside operations, sales, keeping an eye on our operations. When we were handling everything things took way too much time.
    —Einar Honeggar (Owner, Essential Courier)
  • It is a breath of fresh air for an entrepreneur like myself to work with an organization that gets it. I met Carly and the team at DDI at the CLDA conference for the first time a couple of years ago. I approached DDI at this past conference about handling our business. Carly and her team did the opposite of what many sales people do. She listened first and did the selling later. The last mile portion of our transportation portfolio is small but growing. I am excited to be working with a firm that has over twenty years of experience in multiple industries that use I.C.'s. DDI is a firm that is willing to customize a program that meets all of our compliance issues.
    —Nick Rozakis (Owner, Spartan World Wide Logistics)
  • Food To You has been working with DDI for well over 10 years now. Thanks to their consistent support, we are able to operate our business much more efficiently. From compliance, Enrollment, Insurance or accounting and tax questions, DDI is quick to respond with results.  I would recommend any business to team up with DDI. They truly are team players and we thank them for all that they do.
    —Brian Dahl (Operations Director, Food To You)
  • Restaurants Express has worked with DDI for nearly 20 years now. They have helped us successfully manage multiple regulatory inquires & driver injuries. The outsourcing support DDI provides in recruiting, administration and accounting allows our team to focus on marketing and sales!
    —Shawn Forgarty (Owner, Restaurants Express)
  • DDI puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to their business model. It is great to have a partner vendor with so much expertise and passion.
    —JJ Barney (President, Café Courier, Inc)
  • Jobs, many times, are like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get?! However, when I started working with DDI…I was instantly happy to know what I was getting! A wonderful and professional resource team that held my hand through the driver enrollment process. Fast, friendly, efficient and courteous customer service demonstrated by a team of responsible and accountable corporate staff that ensured my success with their gold star organization. My Marketing Service is the real deal…forward thinking, always helping drivers to hit their mark, making deliveries on time…at least 98% of the time! My Marketing Service takes every precaution to ensure both restaurant clients and end user clients receive the best possible, dedicated customer service with FANTASTIC results. I am very proud to be associated with such fine organizations!
    —Rexx Hunter (DDI Driver/North San Diego County)
  • DDI streamlines the delivery driver recruitment process. Our team previously spent countless hours posting job opportunities, sorting applications, interviewing driver candidates and organizing critical recruitment paperwork. DDI now manages these important tasks for us with transparency and accessibility. The online recruitment tool allows us to view applicants and interviews at a glance. DDI has simplified the recruitment component of our business providing our team with more time to focus on what matters most – our clients.
    —Amy Zarbock (Co-Owner, Ithaca To Go)
  • It’s always a relieving feeling when I call DDI with an emergency and their response is, ‘Don’t worry Ron, we’ll handle it.’ Thanks for turning a potential disaster for our business into something that I no longer have to worry about.
    —Ron Patel (Delivered Dish – Albuquerque)
  • DDI is a company I will always recommend to Restaurant Delivery Services nationwide as well as any companies that use independent contractors. Working with DDI for a substantial amount of time allows me to fully understand and appreciate the value of compliance for this industry.
    —Michael Caito (Owner, Restaurants On The Run)