What does DDI do for me?

DDI will refer you to a Marketing Partner in your local geographic area. DDI will manage your weekly accounting, itemizing your income and expenses while administering weekly wire deposits into your bank account. DDI technology will manage the administrative duties of your business – the enrollments process, auto-insurance and drivers’ license renewals, motor vehicle reports, etc. Most importantly, our Entrepreneurial Academy will systematically educate you to the ins and outs of running your own business.

What does my Marketing Partner do for me?

Your Marketing Partner will source customers for your business via print, online, social media and email marketing campaigns. Its state of the art technology will send you delivery jobs during the hours you’re available straight to your smart phone. Accept the jobs you want and execute them.

How do I make money?

For each job you accept and complete, your customer will compensate you with a delivery or service fee and a gratuity.

Will I get a 1099 at the end of the year?

No. A 1099 is issued to independent contractors by companies who compensate them under a contract. Because you will be running your own transportation business, and because your customers will compensate you directly, you are 100% responsible for reporting all of your income and expenses on your year-end taxes. That is where DDI comes in. By joining our network, we will do the heavy lifting – producing year-end profit and loss reports, required tax forms and detailed instructions to ensure your tax returns are filed accurately.

What does it cost to use DDI?

DDI charges its clients a percentage of their gross delivery fees. Rates range from 10-15% depending on market.

Are my rates negotiable?

Yes, The rates you pay your marketing firm are always negotiable!


If you have more questions, please call our Onboarding Department at (888) DDI-WORK ext 700