Enterprise Level Clients

DDI Supports Businesses of All Sizes

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At DDI, we have the resources to scale a 1099 delivery program to businesses of all sizes, including large, big-box retailers, or Enterprise Level Clients. With over 160,000 drivers across the nation, DDI can help you quickly grow your operations with top quality services.  

Whether you want to switch from third party apps to an in-house delivery program or want to transition your existing W2 workforce to a 1099 contingent workforce, Delivery Drivers, Inc. is here to help you decide what is best for your business. 

Every client that partners with DDI receives our standard, comprehensive features. As an Enterprise Level Client, you’ll receive additional features that will help take your delivery program to the next level!

What is an Enterprise Client?

Standard Features:

  • ONLY One Fee
  • In-house Recruiting Services
  • All-In-One, Independent Contractor Management Services (Onboarding, Accounting & Risk Management)
  • ALL Independent Contractor Communications
  • Instant MVR & Background Checks for Independent Contractors

Additional Enterprise Features:

  • Dedicated Team
  • Growth Focused Launch Program
  • Technology Relationship / Key Account Resources
  • Workforce Optimization: Labor Planning, Forecasting, Driver Analytics, and Retention
  • Executive Level Relationship
  • Quarterly Business Reviews / Workshops

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