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What is Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI)?

Delivery Drivers, Inc. or DDI, is a third-party administrator that connects businesses with qualified independent contractors for last-mile deliveries while providing full-service Human Resources and Driver Management solutions.

Who owns Delivery Drivers, Inc.?

Aaron Hageman, the Chief Executive Officer of DDI, has more than 25 years of experience in the rapidly growing gig economy. Learn about Hageman and the rest of the team on the Leadership Page

What is DDI’s mission, vision, and values?

DDI’s mission is to serve, provide advocacy and leadership to independent contractors in the global gig economy.

DDI’s vision is to solve the decline of the brick and mortar economy by empowering 1099 entrepreneurs globally

DDI’s values are:

  • People First
  • Continuous Growth/Learning
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Intentionally Uncompromising

What services does DDI provide?

For clients, DDI offers an all-in-one solution of Onboarding, Accounting, and Risk Management:

  • Onboarding – Dedicated recruiting professionals to find qualified independent contractors. We handle screening, background checks, documentation, MVRs and more.
  • Accounting – DDI has no annual fees and no administrative onboarding fees. We offer flexible payment options (including same day pay) and year-end tax documentation for your independent contractor workforce. 
  • Risk Management – Full-suite of insurance and compliance products and services. Complete regulatory and civil roles in compliance from process management, documentation, and representation. 

For independent contractors, DDI offers various benefits from healthcare, financial discounts, automotive assistance and occupational accident insurance. Learn more about our Driver Perks Program.

How does DDI work?

DDI manages the human resources and driver management solutions of a 1099 / independent contractor workforce for our business partners. We handle everything from onboarding, accounting and risk management.

What industries does DDI service?

We service any industry utilizing independent contractors / a 1099 workforce. Here are some examples of companies in industries that we serve: courier, grocery, medical/pharmaceutical, restaurant, retail and many more.

What insurance is included in DDI’s service offerings?

DDI offers comprehensive injury insurance solutions that are custom to fit your business needs. For more information about insurance offerings, visit our Risk Management page.

What is an independent contractor?

An independent contractor is a self-employed person or entity contracted to perform work for—or provide services to—another entity as a nonemployee. Visit our independent contractor FAQs page for more information.

What is Last-Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery refers to the final step in the delivery process. This involves the last leg of a delivery of goods for industries like courier, grocery, restaurants, retail, supply chain, and more. Last-mile delivery is important in ensuring a delivery has arrived at its final destination. Independent contractors are often utilized to conduct last-mile deliveries for a business.

By partnering with DDI, we provide full-service Human Resources and Independent Contractor Management solutions including onboarding, accounting, and risk management services for businesses that partner with independent contractors.

What is Full-Service Human Resources?

Full-service Human Resources comprises of recruiting, onboarding, and screening services for businesses that partner with independent contractors. At DDI, we provide our clients with full-service Human Resources to help them with Independent Contractor Management.

How much do independent contractors really make?

Earnings vary on how many gigs are picked up, what is the area of operations, and many other factors.

Learn more about the gig economy and how to be an independent contractor by checking out our Drive With Us page.

What is DDI’s team like?

DDI has a dedicated U.S. team to support our clients across the board with the guidance from our seasoned executives on the Leadership Team. Our Leadership Team embodies our mission, vision and values to support our clients and 1099 entrepreneurs in the global gig economy.

Why should a business partner with DDI?

By partnering with DDI, we handle the Human Resources and Independent Contractor Driver Management services (Onboarding, Accounting & Risk Management) that come with partnering with independent contractors (1099 Classification). Our partnership allows businesses the opportunity to unload the stress of keeping up with a 1099 workforce and focus on other areas to build, support and grow their business.

Does it matter where a business is located?

No. DDI’s program is available in all 50 states and U.S. territories. However, DDI will be expanding outside of the US in 2022.

How can I contact DDI?

If you are interested in learning more about DDI and what we can do for your business, visit our Speak With Us page to get started. 

For independent contractors interested in becoming a driver-partner, visit our Drive With Us page to get started.