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Grocery Delivery Driver Management, With DDI

Whether your grocery delivery business has done deliveries before or is being set up for the first time, Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) is your partner to build and scale your delivery business with a unique backend delivery strategy solution, tailored specifically to your business model. With a variety of Legal and Human Resource services, DDI, has the capability of relieving you of the legal frustrations that managing an independent contractor delivery driver team can bring.

How Does DDI Help My Team Of Grocery Delivery Drivers?

With our unique solutions, knowledgeable staff and decades of industry experience, DDI is capable of implementing the following for your business:

  • Legal Compliance

  • Account Services

  • Onboarding New Drivers

  • Enrollment

  • Insurance

Contactless delivery and automated delivery are becoming the norm for the grocery delivery businesses and it’s imperative that these companies remain state and locally compliant while offering smart and innovative solutions to their customers.

Grocery delivery has become an integral, pivotal, and easy solution for people to get the things they need from the convenience and comfort of their own homes.

With DDI by your side, you can be a part of this revolution and have the peace of mind knowing that your drivers, your business, and you are taken care of.

DDI Partners With Walmart For Grocery Delivery

We are thrilled to announce that DDI will be the administrator of driver management for Spark, Walmart's new pilot delivery platform!

This incredible opportunity showcases that significant value and benefits of our custom and tailored last-mile labor solutions for the 1099 driver.

Partnering with Walmart through Spark means our program will get additional exposure as well as grow and develop with the largest company in the United States.

"It is important to us, at DDI that we help each independent driver run their transportation business correctly. We are excited to partner with Walmart to allow them to focus on providing great products while we can build and support a professional driver network to focus on the delivery side of the business."  - Aaron Hageman, CEO, Delivery Drivers, Inc. 

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Grocery Delivery Case Study

DDI performed a case study when looking to partner with a national grocery chains, and in our meticulous research we developed our Grocery Delivery Program:

  • Rollout Plan with State-by-State Considerations - Building a rollout plan required unique consideration for State laws, the retailer’s goals and the availability of driver-partners.  Each State and many municipalities have their own laws when it comes to compliance so addressing these concerns during rollout became crucial. Collaborative goal setting with the retailer allowed for a new store onboarding process that took 3 weeks to get the necessary number driver-partners ready for each launch. 

  • Custom Branding, Fitted to the Client - It was important the delivery program looked like an extension of the retailer, rather than a different company. DDI was able to administer all of the company’s recruiting and onboarding needs under an extension of their brand. This created the continuity the client needed. 

  • Targeted Recruiting and Selection - The footprint of the retailer and the immense need for driver-partners means DDI provided tailored recruiting efforts by region to supply thousands of drivers. DDI expanded its number of recruiters and additionally, opened up new channels to broaden how recruitment occurs--all of which scaled to ensure the retailer has enough drivers for every location. 

  • Quick Screening and Enrollment - Getting drivers on the road quickly was an important piece of the puzzle to meet driver demands. DDI integrates with Checkr for a higher level of compliance, accuracy, and speed. Leveraging the best tools available allowed the average enrollment to take two days on average. 

  • Deposits and Accounting - Tracking drivers’ expenses on a daily basis allows us to answer questions and troubleshoot potential issues. Driver-partners receive their own weekly profit statement.

  • Risk Management and Legal Expertise - Delivery Drivers, Inc. balances the interests between the retailer and driver-driver partners through state-by-state expertise and programs like occupational accident insurance. By approaching risk and legal from both perspectives, DDI is able to manage an ecosystem of driver-partners stress-free. 

Our conclusion was that with over 400 stores and nearly 2,500 drivers in the program today, DDI is onboarding even more stores every month. With a dedicated team of DDI account managers servicing these stores and drivers every day, our employees bring their expertise to help driver-partners and the retailer continue to grow. Whether your business spans the country, or is a local mom & pop shop, Deliver Drivers, inc. has the expertise to implement 1099 delivery programs.

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