Ideal DDI Candidate


At Delivery Drivers, Inc., we cannot be all things to all people. Over the years we’ve found that we work best with business owners that meet most or all of the criteria below.

Motivated – You are a driven business owner with real drive and vision to push your business forward.

Open-minded – You are open-minded and ready to make bold changes for the long-term benefit of your business.

Bottom Line – You are a believer in the benefits effective compliance management can bring to your bottom line and are ready to commit the investment required for your company to be as compliant as possible.

Metrics Based – You track your business’s key metrics and set goals to improve your performance.

Finally, and most importantly, you are actively seeking a solution for how to build a compliant culture for your business.

Does this sound like you? If so, request a sales packet located on the side of this page or keep reading.

We know you don’t just need advice. You need a team that will also proactively execute strategies to help with driver management. We won’t just help with compliance; we’ll also assist you with the day-to-day HR headaches. These day-to-day programs are:

  • Recruiting & Manpower Planning
  • Screening & Enrollments
  • Accounting & Taxes
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Compliance & Regulatory