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DDI CEO Aaron Hageman was interviewed for “Innovating in the Gig Economy.” Listen now to learn how Hageman’s entrepreneur expertise provides support within DDI and the gig economy.

Aaron Hageman is the CEO of Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI), a third-party human resources and driver management firm. Specializing in the last mile of delivery and operating as part of the gig economy, they’re going to make over 100 million deliveries including 10 million meals this year alone. They also project that they’re going to onboard and approve more than 300,000 drivers compared to just about 20,000 a few years ago.

Aaron’s been an entrepreneur for 25 years, and he uses this experience to provide mentorship and entrepreneurial education to students at all levels. He also donates his time to addressing homelessness in his hometown of Southern California.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Aaron Hageman shares the story of how he became an entrepreneur
  • How technology has helped Aaron in serving many customers and scaling his business
  • Aaron talks about innovation opportunities in the gig economy and the challenges he faces while scaling his company
  • The importance of mentoring entrepreneurs
  • Guidance Aaron wishes he had received when starting his business
  • Aaron’s advice on building a team, delegating, and scaling a business
  • The value of continuous learning and joining a business network
  • How to get in touch with Aaron

In this episode…

The continuous evolution in technology has presented many new opportunities for businesses. There’s been the rapid growth of the gig economy, shifts in public perception about the virtual working space, and, of course, the birth of many solopreneurs.

But what opportunities and challenges do these changes present for innovators? Do they improve business operations, help improve performance, or scale a business faster?

In this episode of the Innovations and Breakthroughs Podcast, Rich Goldstein interviews Aaron Hageman, the CEO of Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI), about the role technology plays in gig economy innovation. Aaron also talks about the importance of mentoring entrepreneurs, the benefits of joining a business network, and some of the challenges he has faced scaling his company.


Listen to this episode by clicking the featured imaged above or here.