Last Mile Delivery: Insurance

Last Mile Delivery: Insurance

Insuring one’s business can be more complicated than most small business owners care to admit. There are several types of insurance most all businesses must carry – General Liability and Workers’ Compensation being the most common. In the transportation and delivery industry, auto-liability and cargo policies are important to consider. For companies relying on the use of independent contractors for some or most of their labor force, there are even more variables to consider.

Independent Contractors (ICs) are not traditionally covered by workers’ compensation. What do you do when an IC driver is injured? How do the levels of insurance carried by IC drivers over their vehicles impact your insurance needs and/or premiums? When renewing your worker’ compensation policies, how are you defining your relationship with IC drivers?

These are all great questions businesses in the transportation space must answer. Fortunately for DDI clients, we’re here to help!

We require all IC drivers in our program to be covered for work-related injuries. Drivers who do not have their own coverage are automatically enrolled in group policy DDI facilitates. Additionally, DDI provides customer and driver support when injuries occur, ensuring that drivers have everything they need for their claims to be processed quickly so they can get the medical treatment they need.

DDI assists its clients with all types of insurance-related tasks. We assist with the application process for new lines to ensure the portions of the application pertaining to IC drivers are completed correctly and compliantly. DDI does the same for its clients for workers’ compensation renewals and audits.

Whatever your insurance needs are, DDI is here to help! If you have any questions pertaining to DDI’s various insurance programs or general questions about insurance lines, please contact us today –