Last Mile Delivery: Proactive Compliance

Last Mile Delivery: Proactive Compliance

At DDI, like with most companies operating in the 21st century, we have core values – operational principles, which guide our conduct both internally as a collective and externally to our client base. Our number one value as an organization is compliance!

As the leading last mile labor solution for transportation firms utilizing independent contractor delivery drivers, we must consider compliance with every decision we make, both internally in how we operate and provide services, as well as when we are consulting with our clients. This is especially important as we operate all over the United States and need to be proactive with our compliance when it comes to local, State and Federal regulatory law.

Our approach to compliance as a service is thorough, as it touches every piece of our clients’ businesses, from marketing and sales, to accounting, and most importantly to operations. DDI Account Managers are responsible for working closely with each of their clients to ensure operational compliance at every level to mitigate regulatory and civil risk. Our compliance program, consisting of 13 unique topics and dozens of subtopics, is tracked weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. We publish and distribute monthly compliance articles, research and white papers from our attorneys from two of the largest labor law firms in the country, as well as webinars and periodic in-person training sessions.

DDI’s proactive compliance education programs are second to none. We also provide reactive legal support when our clients are the subject of unemployment claims, wage and hour claims, workers’ comp filings, audits, demand letters, audits, and lawsuits. Our legal team has a combined 103+ years of experience dealing with the red tape surrounding independent contractor law.

If you would like to learn more about DDI’s compliance programs, would like an evaluation of your company’s compliance shortcomings or have general questions about DDI, please contact us today at 949-398-0489 or