Last Mile Delivery: Recruiting Drivers

Last Mile Delivery: Recruiting Drivers

Recruiting qualified drivers is one of the most difficult problems facing transportation companies in today’s market. Last mile labor is the final piece to a firm’s supply chain operations. It’s also one of the most expensive components and offers the greatest opportunity to impact your customers’ experience. With low unemployment and more driving opportunities than ever, companies are struggling to source drivers to execute last mile deliveries.

Even if you manage to find drivers, how do you set yourself up for operational success? Key performance indicators (KPIs) measure your team’s progress on select pieces of the last mile delivery. What about the other metrics? Driver earnings and overall satisfaction are often overlooked. Balancing driver productivity with average quote time and on-time percentage is critical for a successful last mile program.

DDI is here to help! Our team of highly skilled recruiters work exclusively in the transportation industry. We work with our clients to develop recruiting campaigns for their business. You’re able to focus on operations while our team sends you only the most qualified drivers that are pre-screened to meet your requirements.

Working with DDI, you also gain access to our account managers, who can leverage their expertise to develop an optimal staffing plan. We will work together to exceed your operational goals while improving driver retention. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your business while our highly experienced team does the heavy lifting, building and maintaining a strong network of drivers.

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