Partner with Us

Inject a freshness into your business operations by partnering with DDI and its unique outsourcing programs.

Available Services

  • Comprehensive Legal Compliance Management
  • Generate & Maintain Network of Driver Partners
  • Insurance Consultation
  • Business Development
  • Technology Solutions

Marketing Partner Testimonials

“DDI is a company I will always recommend to Restaurant Delivery Services nationwide as well as any companies that use independent contractors. Working with DDI for a substantial amount of time allows me to fully understand and appreciate the value of compliance for this industry.” – Michael Caito (Owner, Restaurants On The Run)

“It’s always a relieving feeling when I call DDI with an emergency and their response is, ‘Don’t worry Ron, we’ll handle it.’ Thanks for turning a potential disaster for our business into something that I no longer have to worry about.” – Ron Patel (Delivered Dish – Albuquerque)

“DDI streamlines the driver on board process. Our team previously spent countless hours posting job opportunities, sorting applications, interviewing driver candidates and organizing critical recruitment paperwork. DDI now manages these important tasks for us with transparency and accessibility. The online boarding tool allows us to view candidates & appointments at a glance. DDI has simplified the on boarding component of our business providing our team with more time to focus on what matters most – our clients.” – Amy Zarbock (Co-Owner,Ithaca To Go)