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If you currently operate a delivery company with W2 or 1099/IC delivery drivers on payroll, DDI offers an alternative, which we believe offers a company a greater ability to compete in the market space. In partnering with DDI and restructuring your business to focus on marketing and technology, you will immediately gain the ability and freedom to focus on growing your business.
DDI’s five programs – Legal Compliance, Accounting, Onboarding, Enrollments & Insurance – are specifically designed to ensure 100% compliance with all state and federal statutory requirements. In addition, outsourcing accounting, recruiting/onboarding, enrollments, DMV reporting and insurance management saves you time and allows you to focus on what is really important – Growing Your Business!
DDI’s program can be accessed in all 50 states, in all US territories, and in Canada!
If you’d like additional information, please contact DDI’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Andrew Franklin at (888) DDI-WORK, ext. 3