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The gig economy is booming. As a result, we're booming! Delivery Drivers, Inc. is proud to be pioneers at the forefront of the gig economy. Therefore, we are gaining recognition in the news across the country. Check out all of our media hits below to learn more about DDI and, above all, our impact in the gig economy.

Los Angeles Times

los angeles times

Delivery Drivers, Inc. and our driver-partner opportunities was featured in a recent LA Times article about side jobs. Read the full article here to learn more about the rise of side jobs and how DDI fits in..

Logistics Matters Podcast

logistics matters podcast

CEO of DDI, Aaron Hageman, was a guest on the Logistics Matters Podcast with Victoria Kickham. Hageman discussed trends in last-mile logistics, how drivers are found to make such deliveries, and what is being done by shippers to assure timely delivery of our orders. Listen to the full episode here.

Winsight Grocery Business

winsight grocery business

Aaron Hageman, CEO of DDI., was featured in a Winsight Grocery Business article by Jon Springer. Hageman discusses the 3 critical considerations grocery delivery drivers make: who is the customer, what's in their basket, and does the retailer take drivers into consideration? Read more here

Food Logistics Magazine

food logistics magazine article

DDI CEO, Aaron Hageman wrote a contributed article in Food Logistics Magazine-"3 In-House Delivery Risk Every Grocery Retailer Needs To Solve Fast." Don't fall victim to these risks! Read the article here.

Drilling Deep Podcast

drilling deep podcast

Aaron Hageman, CEO of Delivery Drivers Inc., was a guest on the Drilling Deep podcast with John Kingston. Hageman discusses California’s AB5 law and prospects for expanding its reach nationwide, as well as what changes in the Department of Labor will mean for federal regulation on the question of IC classification. Listen to the podcast now.


supplychainbrain interview

DDI Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Hageman, discussed the challenge of attracting and retaining the necessary workforce during the pandemic and beyond with SupplyChainBrain's Robert Bowman. Read the full interview here to learn more.

Los Angeles Times

los angeles times article

ABC7 Los Angeles

abc 7 los angeles news tv

DDI's CEO, Aaron Hageman, was a guest on the ABC7 Los Angeles "Hiring SoCal" segment to discuss open driver-partner opportunities thru DDI. Watch the clip to learn more about becoming a driver-partner or partnering with DDI to offer more driver-partner opportunities..

Retail Leader

retail leader article

Delivery Drivers, Inc. was featured in a Retail Leader's article by Thad Reuter. The article examines the importance of logistics and delivery drivers in e-commerce. Read the full article to learn more.

LINK Podcast

link podcast

DDI recently noticed a surge of female workers in last-mile trucking, exhibiting the industry’s growth in safety, equality and more. DDI CEO, Aaron Hageman, discussed the reasons behind this, where the industry is going and how the pandemic impacted female employment. Listen now.


biztv news tv

Aaron Hageman, CEO of Delivery Drivers, Inc., was interviewed by Brian Weatherford on BIZTV. Hageman discussed how delivery services became essential during the pandemic and why delivery drivers should be deemed essential workers.


wusa9 dc tv

DDI CEO, Aaron Hageman, was on WUSA-Get Up DC last week to discuss delivery drivers and the COVID-19 vaccine. Watch this clip to learn more.


supply chain brain

Our CEO, Aaron Hageman, wrote a contributed article for Supply Chain Brain about how to use efficiency, accuracy, and wages to measure labor related key performance indicators. Want to learn more? Read the full article here.

Digital Grocer Podcast

digital grocer podcast

DDI CEO, Aaron Hageman, was a guest on the Digital Grocer Podcast . Hageman discusses how delivery drivers fuel online grocery, how grocers can quickly and easily scale their own delivery service, and how DDI can help. Listen to the full podcast here.

Entrepreneur Weekly Podcast

entrepreneur weekly podcast

Aaron Hageman, CEO of Delivery Drivers, Inc.,  was recently a guest on the Entrepreneur Weekly Podcast. He discusses entrepreneurialism and his top three tips for entrepreneurs. Listen to the episode now.

CW39 Houston


Should delivery drivers get the COVID-19 vaccine? Our CEO, Aaron Hageman, talked about this with Shannon LaNier on CW39 Houston. Watch the full video now to learn more.

Supply & Demand Chain


DDI is growing like crazy! We hired 3 new executives during the 2020 fourth quarter including Chief Operating Officer, VP of Sales, and VP of Technology,. Read more about our growth here.

The Gig Economy Podcast


Aaron Hageman, CEO of DDI., was a guest on The Gig Economy Podcast. They talked all things gig economy and how DDI fits in. Listen to the podcast here.

Success Profiles Radio Podcast


Our CEO, Aaron Hageman, was a guest on Success Profiles Radio to discuss how he decided to become an entrepreneur, how to assess risk, and the rise of the gig economy.  Listen to the podcast here.

Food Logistics Magazine

magazine, news

Delivery Drivers, Inc. and CEO, Aaron Hageman, were featured in the Nov/Dec 2020 cover story of Food Logistics Magazine. Read the entire article about technology and grocery delivery now.

The Commercial Appeal

media, article

Our CEO, Aaron Hageman, was featured in a Commercial Appeal article. about how FedEx is handling unprecedented holiday volume. Read the entire article here.



Delivery Drivers, Inc. and our CEO, Aaron Hageman, were recently featured in a Protocol article about grocery delivery during the pandemic. Read the article here.

DC Velocity

media, article

Los Angeles Times

news, article

Delivery Drivers, Inc. and our CEO, Aaron Hageman, were recently featured in a LA Times article by Kathy Kristof. Check out the article here.

Fox San Francisco

news, television

Aaron Hageman, CEO of Delivery Drivers, Inc., was interviewed on Fox San Francisco about Prop 22 in California. Watch the full news interview now.

Good Day LA

news, television

Delivery Drivers, Inc. CEO, Aaron Hageman, was featured on Good Day LA with Mario Ramirez discussing Prop 22 and the potential impact on drivers. Watch the full interview now.

David Meltzer IG Live

instagram live

Watch DDI CEO, Aaron Hageman, and David Meltzer discuss the gig economy including current trends, what the future holds, and how DDI helps drivers grow and succeed as entrepreneurs.

Spark Delivery

walmart press release

We're excited to announce that Delivery Drivers, Inc. will be the administrator of driver management for Spark, Walmart's new pilot delivery platform. Read the press release now.

Fortune Magazine

fortune magazine article

Delivery Drivers, Inc. CEO, Aaron Hageman, was featured in Fortune Magazine in an article about the regulations and the difficulty of starting a business today. Read the article here.

Bloomberg Business

bloomberg article

The owner of DDI,  Aaron Hageman, was featured on a Bloomberg Business article and gave us his thoughts on what’s going on in the delivery world today. Read the article now.