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Medical Courier Drivers And Independent Contractor Delivery Drivers Management By DDI

Medical courier drivers and lab courier drivers deliver crucial medical information and equipment to hospitals and doctors every day, and when lives are on the line, there is zero room for error. Complex machines, individual parts, clean supplies, x-rays, and working equipment are transported and delivered across our country by independent contractor delivery drivers day after day to support the medical industry and the amazing things they do for us.

The medical industry and the medical courier drivers that support it, require precision and efficiency and Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) is here to make sure your team of lab courier drivers can deliver on all fronts. 

How Will DDI Support My team Of Lab Courier Drivers?

By removing the burden of dealing with the backend staff issues of your independent contractor delivery drivers, DDI is positioned to help your company operate at maximum potential and here are some of the ways we can accomplish this:


Legal Compliance


Account Services 


Onboarding New Drivers







With Efficiency And Precision, DDI Has The Backend Support Solution For Your Team Of Medical Courier Drivers

Your medical business can be the difference between life and death when providing equipment and supplies to medical staff, and DDI is here to ensure the independent contractor delivery drivers that deliver your products are taken care of.

Do not risk late delivery or missed deadlines because of misdirected focus. Let us handle your independent contractor delivery driver compliance while you continue to support the medical staff and the ways they impact lives every minute.

Call us today to learn more about our unique solutions for your medical business.

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