New Labor Laws For 2018

2018 Labor Laws Blog

As the calendar has turned and we’re well on our way into 2018, as is typical, the new year has brought with it new labor laws. Whether you exclusively use employees, contractors or a mix of both, chances are your State has implemented new legislation that may affect your business. Federally, there are several new regulations that impact everyone.

Littler Mendelson is one of, if not the premier employment law practice in the country. They’ve put together a comprehensive summary of the labor law changes for 2018. Below is an except pertaining to North Carolina that is particularly relevent for us here at DDI and our partners who interact with Independent Contractors:

“[Measure SB 407] Creates an Employee Classification Section within the North Carolina Industrial Commission, to investigate reports of misclassification and to coordinate state agencies in recouping taxes, wages, etc. [It] Also requires workplace posting.”

We highly recommend that you read the entire article by Littler Mendelson! Staying on top of ever-changing labor laws can be challenging for any business. That’s why DDI is here to here to help with your compliance needs. If you’re interested in becoming a partner with DDI, please contact: 888-334-9675 ext. 3, or you can email us at We look forward to working with you!