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With our unique solutions, knowledgeable staff, and over 25 years of industry experience, DDI provides a seamless experience for connecting our clients with independent contractors.

Our full-service onboarding program provides you with the exact candidates you’re looking for.  DDI works with you to understand your unique business needs to provide the best-fitting candidates.  Our 24/7 recruiting technology allows candidates to sign up anywhere, anytime. 

With DDI there is no administrative onboarding fees and no annual fees.



Our dedicated recruiting professionals source candidates and onboard qualified independent contractors.  We customize the candidate selection process for every client to ensure the right independent contractor partners are selected from the get-go.  From collaborating on screening questions to developing a targeted advertising strategy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the right independent contractor partners are available for your review.


Our customizable screening process includes motor vehicle reports, extensive background checks, and documentation. These reports and background checks are quickly managed through our partner. 


Once we find the perfect independent contractors, it's important to get them enrolled quickly so they can get to work. We utilize workflows tailored specifically for your business to streamline driver enrollment.  

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