Payment Platform FAQs

DDI Payment Platform

What is Branch?

Branch is a no-fee digital wallet where your weekly payments will be made available to you to either spend directly from the Branch app or transfer to a bank of your choosing. Branch is intuitive and easy to use; below you’ll find the steps to claim your Digital Wallet and access your funds.

Getting Started

  1. CLICK YOUR LINK – Click the personalized link you were sent from DDI from your phone—this will prompt you to download and open the Branch app!
  2. VERIFY SSN – When you open the app, we’ll need you to verify the last 4 digits of your Social Security number that DDI has on file.
  3. ENTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER – Enter your phone number to confirm and access your account.
  4. CREATE A 6-DIGIT PASSCODE – Pick your 6-digit passcode! This will secure your account and will be used when you login to the app to access your pay.
  5. CONNECT BRANCH WITH APPLE PAY OR GOOGLE PAY – Ready to spend? Instantly connect your Digital Wallet with Apple Pay or Google Pay and begin using your pay immediately.
  6. DONE – That’s it! You’re on board and ready to access, transfer, or spend your DDI payouts right from your phone.

What is Branch wallet?

The Branch Wallet enables you to receive and manage money electronically. With your Branch Wallet you can store and transfer funds, spend, and track your payment history through the app.

Can I opt out of using the Branch Wallet / App?

Unfortunately opting out is not an option at this time

Do I need a smartphone to use this?

Yes. You will receive a link to download and set up your Branch Wallet to receive driver payouts. From there, you’ll be able to manage your pay, spend directly from the app, or transfer your money to any bank account—with no-fees!

Is there a fee/cost?

There is no-fee to sign up and use the Branch Wallet. For no-fee, simply order and activate the Branch debit card. Your funds in your Branch account can be used directly from the Branch Wallet or transferred to your existing bank account. The debit card takes 8 – 12 business days to receive.

How do I access my Branch Wallet/DDI payouts?

A custom link to set up your personal Branch Wallet will be sent to you from DDI. Simply click on the link and follow the steps above to claim the Branch Wallet DDI has created on your behalf and receive your payouts.

If you did not receive the link from DDI, do not sign up on the Branch App. To properly set up an account associated with your DDI profile you must sign up using the setup link provided.

How do I transfer funds from my Digital Wallet to an external account?

Click the Move Funds option in the Wallet tab to transfer funds from your Branch Wallet to an external account. You can transfer funds instantly for a small fee by selecting the Debit Card option, or you can transfer funds for no-fee using the Bank option. No-fee transfers process via ACH and take 3-5 business days. The limit on instant transfers is $300 per day, and $5,000 per month The limit for no-fee bank transfers is $5,000 per day, and no monthly limit applies.

Will my paychecks still be processed to my Branch Wallet if my bank account is no longer active?

Yes. Your money will always be available in your Branch Wallet for you to move as needed, even if your bank account is no longer active. Within the Branch app, you can set up a new bank account to transfer your funds to, should you wish.

How do I transfer funds from my Branch Wallet to an external account?

Click the Move Funds option in the Wallet tab to transfer funds from your Branch Wallet to an external account. Click the Move Funds option in the Wallet tab to transfer funds from your Branch Wallet to an external account.

Instant via 3rd party debit card • Available within 15 minutes. Fee of 2% of transfer amount, $2.99 minimum. Daily max transfer of $1,000.00.

Standard via ACH • Available within 3 – 4 business days (variance in timing depends on receiving party and time initiated). No cost. Daily max transfer of $5,000.00.

What if I switch banks? Would I still be able to update a different direct deposit?

If you want to change the bank that you are transferring funds to, you will be able to do that as you initiate the transfer. If you are using the Branch Wallet as your primary bank account, and want to add additional deposits to your Branch Wallet (other than DDI), you can submit a direct deposit form by clicking Add Funds —> My Paycheck.

What if I have not received my magic link from DDI?

If you have previously used the Branch App, you are already a Branch Wallet user and do not require a magic link from DDI. Simply sign into your Branch account and your DDI account will be linked. If your Branch Wallet is showing you are inactive or you are still having issues, please visit our dedicated support center.

If I get paid on a Friday and want to transfer my funds at the end of the day, when will I receive payment?

End of Friday payments can be transferred to your bank account within 3 – 5 business days at no charge. To receive the payment instantly there is a 2% fee ($2.99 minimum) of the transferred amount. Payments can still be spent instantly through Apple, Google Pay and the Debit Card.

Additional Assistance

With additional questions about setting up your Branch Wallet, visit our dedicated support center.

With questions about fees, a missing delivery, missing pay, or incorrect payments, please click here.