We offer a full range of contractor management products.

What Products DDI Offers

DDI’s full range of contractor management products and services are designed to help your business run seamlessly. Delivery Drivers, Inc. connects businesses with qualified, independent contractor delivery drivers on a national level. Therefore, we are committed to providing Human Resources and Driver Management solutions to businesses operating with independent contractors.

In addition to providing quality products, we also offer competitive pricing, no annual fees and no administrative onboarding fees.  Discover more about our contractor management products and how they can add value to your business.


Customized Coverage

We know that insurance isn’t one size fits all. Whether your company serves a local market, or serves customers nation-wide, DDI has your insurance needs covered.  With tailored insurance options for nearly every size and type of business, DDI can leverage economies of scale for competitive rates.

Contingent Liability Insurance

Business owners have many risks in their daily operations. Consequently, Risk Management is important for a company to continue operating. Therefore, Delivery Drivers Inc. (DDI) provides additional protection against Workers’ Compensation Claims in the event your business becomes liable.

Screening Products

We offer a complete suite of screening products to ensure you are partnered with the right independent contractors.  This includes criminal background checks, motor vehicle reports, and drug screenings. In addition, we continuously monitor all these to support efficient and effective operations.

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