We support your operations keeping drivers, restaurants, and customers all satisfied.

Simplify Restaurant Delivery Service With DDI

Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI), understands your business.  Restaurant delivery services have been around for many years now and as the delivery sector of the gig economy grows into new areas, expanding into different industries and businesses, the need for restaurant delivery driver services is only going to grow.  We know business is complex and we support your operations keeping drivers, restaurants, and customers all satisfied.

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How DDI Helps Restaurant Delivery Service Businesses

Our tailored solutions create efficiency and ease of mind for your delivery driver needs.  Everything under our service model from:

Having a good team for your restaurant delivery service is paramount to your success, but in today’s ‘fast moving’ and constantly changing world, good is simply not enough. With DDI, you will have a dedicated team and the best support to keep your drivers happy and your business running smoothly.


Our dedicated recruiting professionals source candidates and onboard qualified independent contractors for you. We offer customizable screening with integrated MVR, background check, and documentation. Our tailored workflows help streamline independent contractor enrollment.


DDI handles 1099 payroll with flexible payment options available. Our team provides solutions to maximize your cash flow. Our API integration allows you to automate independent contractor settlements and year-end tax production. DDI has no annual fees and no administrative onboarding fees.


Comprehensive insurance solutions customized to fit your business needs. Monitor and control impacts of unfortunate events. Proactive audits and client staff training to ensure compliance with regulations. DDI provides legal support and our legal team is the best in the industry.

Peace of Mind

Minimize risk by working with a partner that knows the ins and outs of the independent contractor regulatory environment.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated account manager, so you and your drivers always have an expert who knows your business.

Streamline Operations

We help with driver communications, direct deposit, and taxes at the end of the year.

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