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How DDI Works: Connecting Delivery Drivers with Flexible Work Opportunities

It’s no longer headline news that the delivery industry is going through a moment of explosive growth. But what most people might not know is that a lot of the innovation in delivery is happening behind the scenes, in smaller industries that are quickly adapting to the new demand for delivery.

Businesses everywhere are starting to offer on-demand delivery services that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago. But finding and managing a fleet of delivery drivers is a big task, so many companies turn to outside experts to handle the administrative load.

Delivery Drivers Inc—DDI—is one of those delivery experts. DDI connects companies in need of delivery services with independent delivery drivers. DDI is currently offering delivery work opportunities all over the US, so if you’re a driver, take a look at DDI.

What is DDI? Delivery Drivers, Inc.

Delivery Drivers, Inc (DDI) helps companies find delivery drivers for last-mile and on-demand delivery. When a company wants to offer delivery services, they partner with DDI to help recruit and provide HR management 1099-IC drivers.

DDI connects drivers with more driving opportunities and manages onboarding, insurance, payment and other administrative functions.

The relationship between DDI, their clients, and drivers

For clients, DDI finds drivers then handles all the administrative details so clients and drivers can focus on the delivery work. DDI is the force behind the scenes.

For drivers, DDI handles payments and human resources administration. Day to day, drivers work with DDI clients to do deliveries. Drivers will occasionally check back in with DDI to manage their driver account…

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